Transmogrification Trilogy Launch

Adelaide-based photographer Brent Leideritz is an award winning commercial portrait photographer and graphic designer who is set to launch his first piece amongst his Transmogrification Trilogy.

Transmogrification I will be exhibited from Thursday 19 April through to Saturday 19 May with the rest of the trilogy to be unveiled throughout 2012. The Dragonfly Bar will play host to the first exhibit with opening night beginning at 7pm.

The Transmogrification Trilogy has been labelled a visual journey and compared to the concepts of Jung, Freud and Rorschach focusing on human nature and the lightness and darkness of self, delving into the duality of human existence.

The photographer states that this piece “…visually represents how an individual may be interpreted differently by those perceiving them, and often, the imagining of them as something that they may not, in truth, be.”

The inspiration for the Trilogy came from how an individual tries to fit in amongst society and how they want to be perceived compared to the rarity where someone chooses to be different and generate a peculiarly version of themselves. How someone views them, how they view themselves, how someone choose to view them.

Opening Night

Date Thursday April 19, 2012
Time 7.00pm until 10.30pm
Location Dragonfly Bar
Address 193 Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia
Opening times
Wednesday 10.30am-10.30pm, Thursday 10.30am-10.30pm, Friday 10.30am-late, Saturday 06.00pm-late

For more information head to the link below.

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