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Travel through Asia at these five Chinatown Plaza venues

Although overseas travel is on pause, there’s no reason not the take your tastebuds on a trip through Asia, with our guide to affordable Asian eats at Adelaide’s Chinatown Plaza.

Although we can’t travel right now, there’s no excuse not to take your tastebuds on a trip across waters. Adelaide boasts some of the most incredible Asian restaurants there are, with authentic options available, bringing you a slice of paradise from all corners of the globe, right here at home. Here’s where it gets even better, because Chinatown Plaza is a hub of all things Asian food featuring over five different Asian cuisines in one gorgeously ambient, vibrant centre.

Representing dishes from Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, China and many more, Chinatown Plaza has got to be one of the most affordable spots to eat a meal that is authentic, top tier quality. We’ve put together a guide on all the Asian eats at Chinatown Plaza, to take your tastebuds on a mouth-watering trip through Asia without breaking that travel budget.

Cardamon – Northern Thai

First stop on your trip, is Northern Thailand, with experienced restaurant owners in Thailand at the helm of this delicious spot you’re in for an authentic Thai treat. Cardamon’s focus on food draws on Burmese influences, with Northern Thai cuisine being smooth and mellow, with the use of spices like ginger, tamarind, turmeric, coriander, mint and Thai basil a centrefold of flavours in the dishes.

At Cardamon, you’ll find distinct traditional flavours with Thai Green curry, Northern Thai grilled chicken and of course, the classic pad thai.

Bay’s – Vietnamese

Welcome to Vietnam! Bay’s specialise in pho and noodle soups and boast an excellent range of options fo vegetarians and vegans. The meals dished up at Bay’s are light and pack massive fragrance and flavour with a menu that also includes chicken, pork noodle soups and also their well-known bun bowl and vermicelli salad with coconut cream.

Kampung Boy – Malaysian & Singaporean

Renowned for authentic and bold flavours, Kampung Boy is taking diners on a trip to Malaysia and Sinapore with their traditional menu. The menu at Kampung features a number of Malaysian and Sinaporean delights including assam laksa, sar hor fun and bak kut teh.

Our tip? Try their Malaysian curry chicken. Thank us later.

POSEIDON Kitchen – Northeastern Chinese

POSEIDON Kitchen comes right out of Dongbei, serving up flavoursome Dongbei food that will transport you right to China in an epic journey of flavour. Ingredients are sourced fresh daily at POSEIDON Kitchen, and the menu is host to a generous number of items with tender meats, crisp veggies and rice cooked to perfection.

Izakaya Japanese – Japanese

Japanese anyone? Izakaya Japenese has you covered. Encapsulating the essence of Japanese food, in a menu that encompasses the regional and traditional delicacies of the gorgeous country, Izakaya Japanese delivers on authenticity. Japans traditional cuisine centres on rice with miso soup as well as a vast array of other items developed through centuries of political and social changes.

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