“Treat Your Fur Babies With Beau’s Pet Hotel’s New Daycare!” is locked Treat Your Fur Babies With Beau’s Pet Hotel’s New Daycare!

Treat Your Fur Babies With Beau’s Pet Hotel’s New Daycare!

Forget about leaving your fury friend home alone, Beau’s Pet Hotel is opening a DayCare in November!


It’s that time of the day – you’re all ready to head out of the house, you whip out the keys, open the front door, say goodbye to your furry friend, and immediately feel that rush of guilt from leaving them home alone. Sound relatable? Well, Beau’s Pet Hotel has got you sorted with their new state of the art DayCare facility.

The now open DayCare will offer the “best” services for the dogs of Adelaide. Whether you’re going to work, renovating your house, or doing whatever else outside of your home that (sadly) can’t involve your floofy friend, bookings are now open to divert this heartbreaking occurrence.

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You’ll be able to spoil your pet with a range of packages which can be purchased for half, full, or extended day programs. And you’ll be able to get on with your day knowing that your dog(s) is/are in safe hands, as all of Beau’s staff are qualified professionals who possess “exceptional skills, knowledge and a genuine love of cats and dogs.”

The new high-end facility boasts four permanently staffed, fully enclosed pens, which have been created purely for your pooch’s comfort, safety and a heck of a good time to play and/or rest.

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Or if your four-legged bestie is a bit on the shy side, he/she can have their very own suite where they can enjoy some one-on-one time with Beau’s staff or some time to enjoy their own company. The options are endless to suit your dogs needs, they even have a temperature controlled building. Can I book a room for myself? (Joking not joking).

And there’s no need to worry about your dog’s suitability for DayCare as each dog who attends, undergoes a temperament to gauge their compatibility with other types of dogs that they will potentially mingle well with.

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Beau’s is conveniently located adjacent to Adelaide Airport (right next to Harbour Town), just a short drive from the CBD.

Beau’s says, “You can leave knowing that your dog is in a safe and clean environment with ample opportunity for play, as well as rest time in our quiet kennels.”

Click here to view the Dog DayCare price list and hours of operation. It’s going to be pawsome and far from a ruff time.

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