True Inspiration: The SA Girls Promoting Positivity For The Next Generation

True Inspiration: The SA Girls Promoting Positivity For The Next Generation

Get all the positive vibes that you need with this story…


As Adelaide’s premier good news website, we pride ourselves on bringing you information about SA that makes you smile. Well this is put down your coffee, slam down your fist and say ‘YES!’ kinda good news.

Last week Glam caught up with Katherine Grantham and Kristen Werner, co-owners of new SA initiative The Own It Project and boy, did it bring a smile to our faces.

These driven and passionate women have come together to create programs with one main goal in mind, for you to Own It! Now, before we lose you to thoughts of “inspirational” Instagram quotes, self help novels and Oprah this is certainly NOT that.

These programs, but more so these women, are gritty, raw and inspirational in a sense of the word that is rarely otherwise touched on.

Their three primary programs: The Own It Project (in schools), The Warrior Program (for sporting teams) and The Own It Workshops are already working their way into local schools, teams and communities, and have created a buzz that has parents and kids alike saying “Why don’t we have this program yet?”

So in a nutshell, what exactly do the programs do? Well, they insert confidence and ownability into the minds of young South Australians who may otherwise lack outlets to learn these vital life skills. For example, did you know that 75% of all serious mental health problems start before the age of 25? If that stat doesn’t shock you, then it’s clear we have a serious problem facing our young people.

So the 10 week Own It Project in schools is set out to help reduce this awful statistic. Teaching kids the value of creating your own personal brand, discussing bullying and self worth in an open forum (that doesn’t JUST target the victims, but also the perpetrators of bullying) and the influence that health and exercise can have on your mental wellbeing.

It seems like simple stuff that should come as a given, but so many people in our society are struggling with depression and anxiety (statistics that we’ve seen spike in recent years) and Kat and Kristen believe prevention is better than cure. We couldn’t agree more!

Predominantly the program within schools has been working with all girls schools in the state, but they are passionate about spreading this across all boys and co-ed schools.

Feeling inspired yet? If you hop on The Own It Project Facebook page or Instagram account you’ll see these girls are preaching honesty and transparency. It ain’t all sunshine and perfection (we hear ya!) and sometimes you have a bad day, but it’s what you do to turn it around that counts. This is a brilliant and genuine way to relate to a younger generation, who are so exposed to an unrealistic view of the world online.

So how can you get involved? The Own It Project are looking to get into more schools, more sports teams and help out more communities. Get to their Get Involved page and sign up for more information.

They’re also looking for more mentors, sponsorship and and brand collaborations to help further the programs. So if you have a story to tell that you think could inspire people, or if you’re passionate about changing the direction of the next generation, reach out!

We love strong passionate South Australians here at Glam, especially women. We are thrilled to be on board with The Own It Project, these effervescent yet honest women are doing all they can to help young people and the wider community of South Australia and we 100% stand up and salute them for doing so.

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