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Turn Cheese Pairings On Their Head At This Year’s Tasting Australia

Everyone assumes that wine is the best pairing for a cheese platter, but maybe that’s long overdue for a cidery challenge at this year’s Tasting Australia.

Everyone assumes that wine is the best pairing for a cheese platter, but maybe that’s long overdue for a challenge.

Welcome to Lobo & Koerner Get Sectioned. A delicious event where Clare Valley’s Koerner Wines are stacked against the amazing Adelaide Hills’ Lobo Cider in a delicious battle royale to see who punters prefer as a companion to Section 28s amazing range of artisan cheeses.

Part of the East End Cellars amazing drinks program for Tasting Australia, Lobo & Koerner Get Sectioned is but one of the masterclasses taking place at East End Cellar’s enclosure at the Tasting Australia festival grounds in Victoria Square.

Ticket holders will not only taste the best from Clare Valley and the Adelaide Hills but play a vital role in the important research finding out whether wine or cider is the best accompaniment for these mouth-watering cheeses; or potentially both!

Tradition might be on the side of Koerner in this face-off, but Lobo has a home ground advantage in the form of their previous collab, the S28 Perry, a curdy creation steeped in Lobo Cider before maturation. It’s going to one tasty clash between the two local beverage operations.

Lobo & Koerner Get Sectioned is perfect to attend with your friends or partner, but you could also do a private booking from 20 right up 120 guests for those wanting to duke it out among friends; just get in touch with East End Cellars to book your exclusive cheese pairing showdown.

The event is on Saturday 21 April at 2pm. Tickets are available through the Tasting Australia here.

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