Wrough Iron Beds & TV For Dogs At Adelaide's New 5-Star Pet Hotel

TV And Wrought Iron Beds For Dogs At Adelaide’s New 5-Star Pet Hotel

Let’s be honest. We’ve all been jealous of our fur babies for a long time now. Just wait till you see what they’re getting now. You won’t believe it.


Let’s be honest. We’ve all been jealous of our fur babies for a long time now.

They live the life we wish we had.

Sleeping whenever the mood takes them, cruising around lapping up attention, free massages from their owners, having people clean up after their messes, eating with no regard for their waistlines, open relationships.

It’s pretty awesome.

And now, it’s gone one step further.

They are about to get a plush set of digs at the airport, so when we’re stressed to the max, catching red eyes for work and taking meetings with people we can’t stand interstate, they will be enjoying some luxury accommodation, watching TV in their wrought iron dog beds.


Beau’s Personalised Pet Hotel is a $9 million project which is about to begin construction this November. It will be located on Adelaide Airport’s western edge adjacent to Tapleys Hill Road, and will provide both luxury and affordable mid-range personalised accommodation for dogs, cats and other pets while their owners are away on holidays or business.

Beau's Pet Hotel

The Chief Executive of Guide Dogs SA/NT Kate Thiele said the industry-leading facility will include 168 standard and 32 luxury accommodation for dogs and 62 condos for cats in Stage One of the project. Stage two will add 84 standard kennels. Extensive indoor and outdoor enclosures will enable pets to run, play and frolic in water fountains. FROLICING IN WATER FOUNTAINS!! Are you jealous yet?

If your pet is missing you (or you them), no probs. Skype calls can be made to your fur babies to keep them in touch.

Got a dog & cat who are best buddies? No stress. Companion boarding will also be available.

Personalised doggy day-care and training services are yet more services available. The list goes on.

Beau’s Personalised Pet Hotel will be an important social enterprise for Guide Dogs SA, with profits enabling the organisation to expand services to provide independence, safety and inclusion to people living with disability.

About 65 new jobs are expected to be created and expressions of interest for a range of opportunities including kennel attendants, groomers, trainers is now open.

Beau’s Personalised Pet Hotel, named after the first Guide Dog officially trained in Australia, is expected to be open to the public in August next year.

Pictured above is an artists impression of the entry foyer to Beau’s Personalised Pet Hotel.

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