Two-Bit Villains to launch Adelaide’s first brick-and-mortar vegan butchery

Vegetarian diner and soda shop, Two-Bit Villains, is launching Adelaide’s first brick-and-mortar vegan butchery on 23 May.

Since 2011, Two-Bit Villains has been kicking goals as one of Adelaide’s leading providers of plant-based Americana cuisine. The diner and soda shop is now set to launch its very own vegan butchery – the first brick-and-mortar butchery of its kind in Adelaide.

Now, vegan and vegetarian eaters can buy “meat” products at the Two-Bit Villains diner, with an official butcher-counter to be developed down the line.

Moreover, Two-Bit Villains is launching its online storefront, so you can purchase vegan butchery items online for delivery or pickup.

“The 23rd May is the official brand and webstore launch, but we have been selling instore to gauge interest and get some feedback,” said Two-Bit Villains co-owner, Liam.

“We’ve been selling instore for the past two months while we’ve been building our webstore and it’s been selling well.

“At this stage orders are placed at the same counter as food orders are taken, however there are future plans to create a separate area instore.”

All products on the butchery products list, which is growing gradually over time, are made in-house by the Two-Bit Villains team.

“We will have shredded ‘chicken’ in a variety of flavours, perfect for salads or with rice. We will also have ‘bacon’ slices and deli meats such as pepperoni and turkey for pizzas and sandwiches,” said Liam.

We have “burger patties, sausages, and at Christmas time we’ll have roasts”, Liam continued.

“We will also have some grocery items including coconut bacon and vegan pantry staples such as nutritional yeast and vital wheat gluten, as well as our house blend fries seasonings,” said Liam.

Liam and the Two-Bit Villains team were inspired to open their own butchery after multiple calls from their guests.

“We have been making our vegan alternative meats for 10 years to serve in the restaurant and frequently have been asked if we sell them for home use. We have spent some time developing these recipes and now just felt like the right time to launch,” said Liam.

Subscribers to Two-Bit Villains mailing list will have exclusive early access to the online store from 20th May with a discount code.

To find out more, check out the Two-Bit Villains website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Two-Bit Villains is located at Shop 150, Level one, Adelaide Arcade 5000.

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