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Two Millionth Tree Planted on National Tree Day

South Australia today reached a major milestone in the Million Trees Program by planting the program’s two millionth tree.


Getty_R_Kids_35_0010South Australia today reached a major milestone in the Million Trees Program by planting the program’s two millionth tree.

Premier Mike Rann was joined by Environment and Conservation Minister Paul Caica and Deputy Lord Mayor Michael Henningsen, Paralympian Paul Raison, conservationists, environmentalists and local green thumbs in rolling up their sleeves for Australia’s biggest community tree-planting event, National Tree Day.

The planting of the two millionth plant near the River Torrens brings the state closer to the target of planting three million trees and shrubs across Adelaide’s metropolitan area by 2014.

“The Million Trees Program is a key component of the Government’s commitment to reconstruct approximately 2000 hectares of native vegetation in urban forests throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan Open Space System,” Mr Rann said.

“This vegetation will offset carbon emissions by an estimated 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents over the life of the plantings, as well as provide vital habitat for wildlife and improved air and water quality.

The two millionth tree was planted at project site Tainmundilla, which means ‘Mistletoe Place’, and is the Kaurna Aboriginal name for this location.

Tainmundilla, located on the banks of the River Torrens, is one of about 10 project sites within the Adelaide Parklands that have been established by the Adelaide City Council in partnership with the Million Trees Program.

Mr Caica said each year The Million Trees program supports projects, and the State Government was offering grants of up to $10,000 to groups and agencies wanting to be involved.

The funding is available for each project that demonstrates a revegetation component using only locally indigenous plants.

“The Million Tress program has been incredibly successful in helping to revegetate parts of Adelaide,’’ Mr Caica said.

“Working with Adelaide City Council alone we have managed to plant approximately 140,000 seedlings since 2003, and I commend the commitment demonstrated to get this far.

Mr Henningsen said National Tree Day is part of Adelaide City Council’s Tainmundilla Riparian Revegetation project, which aims to improve the natural environment of the River Torrens.

“The Adelaide Park Lands are a beautiful setting for this weekend’s National Tree Day, and a great place to celebrate this milestone,” Mr Henningsen said.

“I hope this initiative encourages residents and visitors to appreciate the beauty of our environment, and realise that through programs such as this we can make a real difference,” he said.

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