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UberEats Will Soon Bringing You Your Fave Cinema Treats!

Take your spontanous movie nights to the next level by ordering your fave Palace Nova movie munchies on UberEats!

Ever wanted to have a spontaneous movie night at home that’s been completely ruined by the fact that you’ve got no scrumptious snacks in the kitchen? Well, now you don’t have to worry about keeping your cupboards perfectly stocked at all times, because UberEats will soon be delivering your fave Palace Nova movie munchies to your door!

Put down that microwavable popcorn and Palace Nova make your movie night the best it can be with your fave cinema treats!

That’s right! No more getting dirty looks for coming to the cinema in your jammies all because you wanted a bucket of hot, buttery popcorn made the way only Palace Nova can—just order that popcorn (and a choc top… and some candy… and maybe one of their delectable cheese platters!) to enjoy all to yourself in the comfort of your own home.

UberEats has already changed our lives by helping us satisfiying our unexpected dinner cravings, but this is just the cherry on top of all of that food we’ve already ordered!

Now, excuse us while we start preparing next months movie night because the inside word is that popcorn is coming to UberEats in the next month!

Featured image by Vueey Le

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