Udder Delights ‘Divine Dairy’ Soars To New Heights of Delicious Decadence

Udder Delights have unveiled of a family of five organic cheeses created in partnership with leading organic dairy, Mulgundawa Dairy.


Udder Delight’s ‘Divine Dairy’ range of cheeses has soared to new heights of purity – not to mention delicious decadence – with this month’s unveiling of a family of five organic cheeses created in partnership with leading organic dairy, Mulgundawa Dairy.

All passionately crafted by artisan cheesemaker Saul Sullivan – who runs the cheese company with wife Sheree – and made to the highest standards of quality and consistency, the range of Australian Certified Organic (ACO) cheeses encompasses:

• A Divine Dairy Organic Brie, available in 200g rounds;

• A Divine Dairy Organic Double Cream Brie, available in 200g rounds and 1kg wheels;

• A Divine Dairy Organic Camembert, available in 200g rounds and 1kg wheels;

• A Divine Dairy Blue, available in 160g wedges and 2kg wheels; and

• A Divine Dairy Feta, available in 200g blocks

“The environmentally thoughtful initiative between ourselves and Mulgundawa Dairy sees ‘birds of a feather’ coming together to create what we believe are the creamiest, most mouth-watering and very best organic cheeses in Australia,” Udder Delights’ Sheree Sullivan said.

Ms Sullivan noted that the high butterfat of organic milk, coupled with Udder Delights’ gentle pasteurisation process – the milk is kept under 70 degrees and so retains its milk protein integrity – gives the cheeses a deliciously buttery finish.

“The Brie and Double Cream Brie are soft and creamy in texture, with earthy flavours and a velvety finish that lingers on the mouth – the Double Cream only doubly so.

“And with the increased level of cream, the latter is made with a balanced acidity to offset the hedonistic texture.

“The Camembert is similarly soft and creamy in texture, offering indulgent and complex flavours that are equally comfortable on their own or resting on a dry cracker, while the firmer Blue matures with age to deliver a fruity complexity and a rich melt-in-the-mouth feel.

“Finally, the Divine Dairy Feta has a buttery creamy texture, and its brining process results in only a slightly salty flavour, making it as much at home in a fresh green salad as it is as a table cheese appetiser or an intoxicating addition to a baked savoury dish.”

The new Divine Dairy range is available from Udder Delights’ handpicked distributor network across the country.

The award-winning Udder Delights was established in Lobethal by Trevor Dunford and his late wife Estelle as a goat cheese factory in 1999. In recent years and under the expert guidance of their daughter Sheree and her husband Saul Sullivan, the Udder Delights Group has grown to become a renowned and respected company across Australia, boasting a portfolio that comprises the flagship regional Udder Delights goat and cow milk cheeses, Divine Dairy organic cow’s milk offerings, its stylishly chic Cremeux Provincial Cheese, and its signature King Saul Raw Milk Blue Cheese. The Group also runs its Udder Delights Cheese Cellar outlet in Hahndorf.

Mulgundawa Dairy on the shores of South Australia’s Lake Alexandrina, south of Adelaide, is a fourth-generation family farm established by Roy Chandler on his return from action in World War II. After 40 years under the astute stewardship of Roy’s son Bill and his wife Kay, the farm is now run by Bill and Kay’s son, Mark, who together with his wife Jenny and their children Simon, Jess and Kane, transformed the business from a conventionally run dairy to an organic farming system back in 2002. It is considered a standard-bearer of exceptional Australian organic and sustainable farming practice, while homing a third of the world’s endangered and protected population of native Cape Barren Geese.

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