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Udder Delights release new un-BRIE-lievable cheese flavour combination

Utter Delights have just released an incredibly creamy and slightly smoky Brie like no other that you’ve come across for your Friday night charcuterie board.

It’s been a hot minute since our friends over at Udder Delights have graced us with a new white mould cheese release. Four years in fact!

If you cast your mind back to the blissful time that was 2019, you may remember the pandemonium caused when the South Australian cheese connoisseurs put their Truffle Brie on the shelves and we’re expecting a similar reaction when the public gets a taste of its brand-new Smoked Brie which has just been released.  

Incredibly creamy and slightly smoky, this Brie is like no other that you’ve come across on your Friday night charcuterie board. Infused with natural wood smoke, you’ll be able to smell the difference before you taste it, and as the knife glides through the soft, creamy flesh, a mellow orange interior will be revealed, solidifying that this Brie is most definitely something a little different. 

Udder Delights have made a name for themselves across SA and Australia for their unique take on cheese flavour profiles so it should be of no surprise that they’re once again pushing boundaries.  

“We had very positive feedback on some of the smoked cheddars we tried and thought this flavour would work well with a Brie!” explains Udder Delights Head Cheesemaker Simon Dreckow.

“We struggled to find many smoked white mould cheeses in the market, so thought we’d give it a go and the team is really pleased with the outcome.”

It’s been a little over 12 months since Simon and his team first trialled the idea with the first concept trials completed in March of last year.

On why the brand chose to go a bit left of field with its new release, Simon said it’s what the people wanted.

“There hadn’t been a new product coming from Udder Delights for some time and the customers we chat with at events, in-store and through our social channels are always looking for something new from [us]. 

“This Brie provides a different flavour profile from your usual white mould cheeses and stands out with its visually unique creamy centre.” 

As with any flavour combination, balance is key and it’s the addition of extra cream in the mix that creates perfectly complements the smoke to create a creamy, delicious cheese that will fit well on any grazing platter.  

Salami, white grapes, peaches, apples and honey are the perfect accompaniments for this new hero cheese and should be paired with a nice glass of Cab Sav, Grenache, Shiraz or even a nice honey liqueur to top it off.  

You can find The Udder Delights Smoked Brie in independent supermarkets Australia-wide.

For more information, head to the Udder Delights website and stay up to day by following along on Facebook and Instagram. 

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