Unique SA Artisan Chocolat Brand Launches

A unique artisan chocolate brand is about to launch into the South Australian market and introduces us to chocolate like we’ve never seen it before.


A unique artisan chocolate brand is about to launch into the South Australian market to introduce us to chocolate like we’ve never seen it before.

Daniela Rose is a South Australian chocolatier who’s passion for the seductive art of chocolate creation has lead her on a innovative journey. The result? A chocolate romance; where Salvador Dali meets Coco Chanel, in edible form!

This sweet and petite SA lady has received a whirlwind of attention social on media (check her out on instagram @ChocolatbyDaniela) which lead to an overwhelming amount of interest in her approach to the art of making chocolate.

It has been obvious, especially over the last few years that the  SA food and beverage industry is booming, and making its presence known on a global scale. By collaborating with other local brands and supporting local producers, Daniela is showcasing her own skills and the other ‘greats’ of our region. Thus far she has used wines, spirits, craft beers and botanicals in her chocolate fusions including creating truffles with Kangaroo Island Spirits (KIS) Gin and Primo Estate Shiraz.

She has also been working with SA luxury services, events and fashion to create exclusive chocolate for brands that helps them enhance their style and reenforce the experience they individually wish to create.

Daniela is self-taught, a fact which truly astounds us. It’s clear that she is driven by raw passion and an inspired desire to give. She told us that even tempering chocolate (a very difficult and technical process) has been a highly intuitive experience for her. We’re hoping that the more we eat, the more this ‘intuition’ will rub off on us, but so far we haven’t perfected Daniela’s skills.

She believes the chocolate experience should be ‘multi-sensory’ and sheer magnetism in just one bite, and we guarantee it’s just that. Her ethos is that chocolate should tell a story, create an impression and have a flavour that lasts. Some have described her hand-crafted products as charming, but we think that’s an understatement.

To get your hands on these bite-size bits of joy head down to St. Louis House of Fine Ice-cream and Dessert in Glenelg. A selection of her chocolates including her signature ‘Stole My Heart’ as well as ‘Dirty Mojito Lips’, are available there.

She has an abundance of collaborations up her sleeve for this year, and we’re certain to keep our tabs on where her delicious chocolate is popping up around Adelaide;  but for the upcoming weeks her efforts are focused on the VIP Launch of her brand, ‘Glimpse’ held at Emma Hack Gallery on the 26th March.

We’re so excited to be attending what we’re certain will be a night of indulgence and elegance. Stay tuned for the full coverage.



Visit her website at:


Instagram @chocolatbydaniela

For inquiries email: [email protected]

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