Unlike Superman, Men Are Not Bulletproof When It Comes To Health

Unlike Superman – Men Are Not Bulletproof When It Comes To Health

It’s Men’s Health Week from June 13-19, so we ask an expert why it is that Men are so reluctant to see their GP regularly?


Statistically, men are more likely to suffer from serious health problems than women but there is still a reluctance for Australian men to see their doctor for help.

June 13 – 19 is ‘Men’s Health Week’ and thereby a great opportunity to educate and encourage boys and men of all ages to connect with their doctor and talk about any issues of concern.

There is a misperception that younger men (including teenagers and children) are immune from serious health issues, but this is not true.

Whilst less common, conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease can occur in young men. In 2014, Australian footballer Dylan Tombides lost his battle to testicular cancer at age 20. More recently, the AFL community was rocked by the news of Jarryd Roughead’s diagnosis of melanoma.

Suicide is the leading cause of death in men aged 15 – 44 and they’re 3x more likely to commit suicide than women, while heart disease being the most common in men over 45.

According to the National Mental Health Report 2010, approx. 65% of people suffering from a mental health issue will not access treatment, and it is expected that amongst men suffering from mental health concerns it could be as high as 72%

So do men appear to be reluctant to seek help?

Dr Lane HinchcliffeLocal GP Lane Hinchcliffe of The Health Hub Adelaide has passion for men’s health and is a strong advocate for not only providing ‘male – friendly’ services but also opening discussion to encourage men to visit their doctor more regularly for general check-ups and/or to discuss mental health issues and seek additional assistance if required.

“When it comes to sensitive issues such as concerns regarding sexual health or emotional wellbeing, embarrassment may be a factor.  However, the fact is, you’re not alone and your doctor is there to listen and provide all the help you need” said Dr Hinchcliffe

Men’s Health Week is a chance to raise awareness and bring relevant health topics to the forefront of our minds –and guys – think about seeing a doctor!

Make an appointment to see your local GP today. For more information on Men’s Health Week, visit their website.

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