Unlimited Rosé Rooftop Party

15 winemakers are coming together to showcase their Rosés, at this rooftop party with great music, food, and the best views in Adelaide.


Beautiful view? Check!

Summer rooftop bar attire? Check!

15 different rosés from around the world? Check!

2KW is hosting 15 Shades of Rosé, on Saturday February 23rd from 1pm to 4pm with a gorgeous Mediterranean feast by Chef Trent.

The forecast for this weekend is sunshine and loads of rosé. 

For $99, you will travel across 15 different rosés – almost an unlimited amount, if you ask nicely. With a seriously ridiculous offering of delectable treats – expect to see a whole organically raised Berkshire pig on a rotisserie set up amidst their 15 winemakers.

Who doesn’t like drinking, dancing and feasting on a Saturday afternoon?

We suggest you hustle if you’re joining in as they’re down to their final 30 tickets.

See you all Saturday.

Get your tickets here.

Please drink responsibly.

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