Unplugged: Should You Make Your Wedding Device Free?

Put the iPhone down…

iPhones, iPads, GoPros, cameras, videos, Instagram, Facebook… Technology is everywhere. You basically can’t escape it in today’s day and age. Even at one of the most love filled events, a wedding.

We hit up the wedding experts at Love Cherish Adore – the boutique and unique fair, online directory and blog all about weddings! If anyone can tell us more about unplugged wedding (yes, that is a thing) then it is these guys…

At an event that is meant focus on the love of two people, it now seems that it is all about getting that perfect Instagram shot… Selfie? But now people brides and grooms all around Australia (and the world) are putting their loved up feet down! In a fad that has been deemed a necessity by celebs for years, us ‘average’ folk are all about the unplugged wedding.

Without stating the obvious (we are totally going to state the obvious) the whole deal behind this unplugged wedding thing is that no technology can be used during the wedding. Some couples even go so far as to remove all phones from those joining in the celebrations.

Now that might seem a bit dramatic but when you are spending thousands upon thousands on the day that you have spent your whole life dreaming about (or is that just us?) you don’t want anything ruining the special moments shared on that day. Especially not a random phone in one of your professional shots or an unexpected flash in your wedding video. Nightmare.

But we think that it is more than that. We think that there is a level of rudeness when one is so enthralled with capturing that perfect Instagram shot rather than focussing on the real meaning of the day. Like the beautiful bride walking down the aisle, or the vowels, or that first kiss as husband and wife. How about we all try and be present in the moment?

Heck while we talk about weddings being ruined by technology, we have even heard of photographers being pushed out of the way of an attendee who just wanted to get that money shot.

Many couples are not going so far as to confiscate phones and other devices before guests enter, like Kimye did, but couples are requesting that guests do turn off their devices. Some guests might throw their hands in the air and make a fuss… “But I won’t be able to post on Instaaaaa”. Well we say that is tough, because when it is your wedding, you make the decisions and people should obligingly follow your wishes.

Besides, if you mention that you are having an unplugged wedding to any pro photographer or videographer, they will basically want to kiss you! They know that it means their job won’t be sabotaged by an army of phones which will ultimately lead to better coverage of your wedding.

Really it is a win win for guests too as they can be fully present during the day and not pre occupied with looking down at their screens.

Arranging an unplugged wedding is so easy to do, you just need to let your guests know via the invitation and your celebrant on the day who will request that all phones are switched off. Letting guests know before they arrive means that there will be less tantrum throwing by the social media, technology obsessed friends and family in the group…

“Please switch off all electronic devices, and enjoy the wedding!”

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