Unveiled: Ambra Spirits’ exciting new chapter with Finn Healey

With 16 years of experience across the hospitality and drinks industry, Finn brings a mix of passion, expertise, and a fresh perspective to Ambra Spirits.

Ambra Spirits, the Adelaide-based distillery known for its traditional Italian-inspired spirits, has announced Finn Healey as its new Managing Director.

With 16 years of experience across the hospitality and drinks industry, Finn brings a mix of passion, expertise, and a fresh perspective to Ambra Spirits.

Founded on a deep love for Italian tradition and quality spirits, Ambra Spirits has become a staple in the local and national drinks scene.

“We are very excited and honoured to have industry rockstar, Finn Healey,  joining the Ambra team as Managing Director and new co-owner. We welcome such a highly respected industry professional. His passion and energy will elevate Ambra to a new level while honouring our legacy and our traditional Italian inspired spirits,” commented Nando Focareta, Ambra Spirits Director.    

Finn’s career has spanned various facets of the industry, from managing bustling venues to leading customer marketing strategies for major brands like Bacardi-Martini Australia. His knack for connecting with consumers and driving brand growth will be pivotal for Ambra Spirits as they look to expand their reach.

Finn’s relationship with Ambra began years ago, collaborating on events that showcased the distillery’s signature offerings.

The encounter led to collaborations with co-owners Peppe Fusco and Nando Focareta supporting their ‘Ambra Experience’ cellar door events where Finn had an impactful role in supporting the development of Ambra’s portfolio drink strategy – a testament to his creativity and passion for the brand.

Finn Healey enthuses, “Having seen Ambra’s brand grow stronger over the years, from evolving its identity to expanding its range, I’m thrilled to say that the excitement is at an all-time high as we embark on this next chapter. With the launch of their new distillery bar and the rising trend in the Limoncello category, there’s no better time to come on board and steer the ship to new heights.”

As a family man with a wife and two young children, Finn shares values integral to Ambra’s success with family, tradition and authenticity always at the heart. This, combined with his industry expertise, positions Finn as the ideal leader for Ambra’s next chapter.

Ambra Spirits recently celebrated 25 years in business, marking the occasion with a significant upgrade to their distillery. The modernized space features a sleek kitchen, inviting outdoor areas, and a design that bridges Italian heritage with contemporary style.

Finn is eager to contribute to Ambra’s legacy, with a vision to establish them as the category leader of the limoncello segment. His strategic focus for business development and vision for Ambra’s future will only further ingrain Ambra Spirits as an iconic South Australian family business, recognised nationally for their award-winning spirits range and unforgettable consumer experience. 

For more information about Ambra Spirits and their products, visit Ambra Spirits.

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