Unveiling Summer’s Hottest Secret To Looking Good

Don’t have a lot of time for exercise but need to shift your Winter weight? We’ve discovered an effective solution to combat Adelaide’s amazing food & wine scene!

It’s no secret that I’m out and about in SA, attending an obscene amount of events for Glam Adelaide. Attending events means skipping meals that fall over event times, and chasing waiters for whatever tasty (deep fried) morsels they have on their trays. I may even be known for stalking out the closest point to the venue’s kitchen so I can get first dibs on the platters. Team that with champagne at events, my love of red wine at home, running out of time to exercise, and crazy sleeping patterns thanks to my 2 and 4 year old, I’m basically a poster child for unhealthy living. I do try and eat well at home or if am ordering food when I’m out, but it’s not quite enough to combat the sins in my life. Here’s where my secret weapon comes in.

Jennifer Hawkins for Myer

Jennifer Hawkins for Myer

After I had my first daughter, I was lucky enough to be given a trip to South Africa to cover the Myer photo shoot for their new collection with Kris Smith and Jennifer Hawkins (pictured on location). Amazing. Except hanging out with models when I still had my baby ponch wasn’t too appealing to me. It was then that I tried Hypoxi for the first time, and had outstanding results. After one package (12 sessions) I managed to lose the awkward baby tummy I had held on to for 12 months after my baby was born, and flew over to South Africa feeling a renewed confidence I hadn’t had since before I was pregnant.

Since then I’ve used Hypoxi a few times to get myself back on track after a heavy event season (because who doesn’t want to fit back into their old clothes) and to get Summer ready. My partner Steve has also used it with some fantastic results.

So after Adelaide’s busiest Winter (event-wise) that I can remember, I’ve been heading towards Summer with a sense of guilt (and podge) knowing that I had once again over-indulged.

It’s on my to-do list, to sign up for some personal training with Dasha (@bagsandbunnies) who is now based out of Goodlife in Glenelg, but until I can make some time, I thought I’d get in one more Hypoxi package to kick start things. One month and 30cms later, I’m back into my wardrobe and ready for Summer. Thank you Hypoxi, you’ve been kind to my waistline despite the degustations, menu launches and restaurant openings that October threw at me!

If you haven’t heard of Hypoxi, the general gist of it is that you do 30 minute sessions either gently cycling or walking on a treadmill while the air pressure is controlled around your problem sections. By changing the air pressure in the workout chambers, blood is forced into your poor circulation areas (think about every time you jog and your bum gets cold) which means while you exercise, the results are being supercharged – toning up, banishing cellulite, targeting problem areas.

HypoxiThe guys tend to do the treadmill version (the Vacunaut) where they wear a short wetsuit which controls their air pressure while they walk, and it targets their mid sections. I did the L250 which lets me lay down while I pedal, and I wore a wetsuit skirt that zips up tight around my ribs (sealing in the air) and flares out around the waist where it clips into the chamber (see picture). Basically I got to lay there and do emails while I casually battled the winter bulge. The L250 targets your waist, bum and thighs. And yeah, I lost 30cms in a month so it works. Imagine how much better my results could have been if I wasn’t eating and drinking my weight in SA’s best food and wine!

Kelly Noble (moi) eventing

Kelly Noble (moi) eventing

Now while I could continue with maintenance sessions (one a week) I’m actually off to enjoy the 10th birthday dinner at Assaggio on King WIlliam Road, flying off to Melbourne for Spring Racing Carnival and then off to Bali to do a travel story. Seems I may have the need to sign up again for another package once I’m back…

Find out all the details about the Hypoxi studio at the Crossroads Goodlife or Adelaide City Goodlife facebook page, or on the main website here and mention Glam Adelaide to get your trial session free!



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