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Uomo Shares His Tips For The Best Vegan Eats Before A Gig

Ahead of his show this Thursday night, Adelaide Triple J Unearthed winner, vegan, and rising producer Uomo, has shared his favourite vegan eats, to enjoy before a gig.


After a breakthrough 2018 featuring his unique foley-riddled single “Bubblebeam”, winning a Triple J Unearthed competition and supporting Aussie EDM lord What So Not, rising Adelaide producer (& vegan ) Pietro Filippone is has marked the hiatus of ‘Alêtro’ with the glistening debut single of his new dance project Uomo – “Work Things Out”.

Ahead of his debut single “Work Things Out” and live show @ Lions Art Factory on 23 May, Pietro has shared with us, some of his favourite vegan eats to enjoy before a gig. The perfect excuse to go out for some dinner, before heading to his show!

Veggo Sizzle

In the heart of the city, this has to have one of the craziest vegan menus in Adelaide. From Vegan Buffalo Wings to, grilled sandwiches and even pancakes! The home of the best Laksa I’ve experienced, Veggo Sizzle has such a diverse menu it’s hard to keep away from eating here every couple of nights.

Lord of the Fries

Before a gig? Sure. After a gig? Absolutely! After a night out? Try and stop me! In all honesty this place doesn’t need much introduction to vegans. But for the people who haven’t tried it, this place definitely holds its own in the fast food category, vegan or otherwise. My recommendation is the Phish burger, but really you can’t go wrong. Perfect for those times when soundcheck went a little too long.

Govinda’s Restaurant 

This old convent building is now a home of Hare Krishna monks. In this amazing old building, once you’ve removed your shoes at the door, you’ll find one room full of people chanting and dancing, and the next, a restaurant set-out with amazing authentic curries and Indian dishes. Apart from the amazing atmosphere and food, this play also has to make the list for the $10 all-you-can-eat buffet. Perfect for the stereotypical struggling musician! 

Est Ovest

When the nerves kick in, you’re not always going to want the most extravagant meals. Maybe its just the way I was brought up, but a bowl of pasta never goes astray. Translated to mean, East West, this Italian restaurant does the simple things beautifully. Gnocchi, Pizza, Polenta and yes, there’s vegan cheese!

Houda’s Kitchen

Having already established my hereditary love of Italian food. I have to acknowledge my Lebanese side. I’ll admit being vegan isn’t difficult when you have such an illustrious food culture. Although nothing quite compares to my grandmother’s cooking, this is about as close as you can get in Adelaide.

An Lac on Sempahore

Another buffet styled restaurant with an amazing range of vegan oriental food. This family run cafe is located in historic Port Adelaide and provides an all-you-can-eat menu from starters to dessert. Definitely a good choice if a normal size meal just won’t cut it!

Outside of crafting Uomo’s upbeat electronica in his self-build home studio, Pietro works behind-the-scenes at Adelaide radio station Fresh 92.7 and produces beats for musician China Roses along with many others across the South Australian music scene.

Uomo – Upcoming Shows
Thursday 23 May 2019 from 9pm
Lions Art Factory, Adelaide
More info here

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