Uraidla Is Taking Over The Pontoon This Weekend

All things Uraidla are coming to the Pontoon this weekend as part of Tasting Australia offering an array of local produce from the bustling Adelaide Hills region.

The best of Uraidla is coming to Adelaide this weekend as part of Tasting Australia with a host of flavours and produce to be showcased on The Pontoon in Elder Park. Experience the best of Uraidla’s fresh produce from bakery goods, to beer and more.

Uraidla is home to a brewery, bakery, hotel and café presenting their rich food history and showcasing their organic produce agriculture. The young talent is committed to putting Uraidla on the foodie and beverage map with their focus on the unique experience in the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

The Uraidla Take Over on The Pontoon will offer an array of free tastings and samples and an exciting menu.

Incorporating local produce from the Uraidla region, The Pontoon chefs have designed a luscious menu showcasing the fresh produce suited for all foodies ranging from a Uraidla bakery roll, air dried ham, Summertown figs; to local lentils, green tomato chutney, butter lettuce.

The Uraidla Brewery focus on the seasonality and social aspects of beer, taking inspiration from the region, which is reflected in the way they brew. Whether it’s a long summer afternoon spent at the pub with friends or a cold winters night with a fire, their beer is brewed suitable for all occasions.

The Uraidla Bakery is on the mission to create authentic, wholesome, ethical and delicious baked goods whilst sourcing the majority of their ingredients from the local region. Each sourdough loaf is lovingly crafted with a minimum 12-hour fermentation process. All loaves are prepped and baked on-site using wholesome, unmodified ingredients, and old-world baking techniques.

The Pontoon will be free and open from 5pm till midnight on both Friday April 20 and Saturday April 21, so be sure to catch this one and experience all things Uraidla.

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