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Uraidla’s Pizzeria, Lost in a Forest announce new Detroit style dish

Lost in a Forest set to debut new Detroit style pizza.

Well oiled, crisp, chewy and full of flavour.

This is what the new Detroit style pizza will look to offer customers at Uraidla Pizzeria, Lost in a Forest.

The new pizza will be available from 5pm Friday, April 1 and a lot of world travel went into perfecting the creation of this pizza style.

Lost in a Forest’s, Charlie Lawrence jet-setted around the world and was inspired by his travels.

“Pre-COVID I went on a pizza tour around the world with my wife,” Charlie said.

“She’s a mad marathon runner so we went to Berlin, Chicago, Spain and New York. While she was running, I went to Chicago and Manhattan.

“Chicago has the deep dish, but I was reading and seeing a bit of Detroit style pizza on instagram. In the past three to five years, Detroit style pizza has become big in the states. It’s really taking off as a style for itself.”

The Lost in a Forest Detroit style pizzas look amazing!

Bringing that inspiration back home to Adelaide, the new Detroit style pizza will look to have customers’ mouths watering and coming back for more.

“It’s a pan style of pizza with an almost focaccia-style like base,” Charlie said.

“The grated cheese melts against the side of the bread and you get this awesome glass shattered, lace like, cheese crust pizza.

“Add the toppings, bake it and cut it into squares and then you get that beautiful focaccia-style, fluffy cheese like pizza.”

When munching down on this awesome looking pizza, Charlie has a few suggestions with what pairs well when it comes to drink selection.

“I love a cold beer with mine,” Charlie said.

“A less hoppy beer will pair well. A cold, crisp larger will work really well with the pizza. A nice light reds will also pair really well. That’ll cut through the cheese and just give a wonderful taste.”

With the pizza style launching on Friday, April 1 make sure you phone in your orders early to make sure you’re one of the first to try it. But, make sure you leave room for the next day.

“It’s takeaway only,” Charlie said.

“These pizzas have high hydration levels and will be beautiful to be reheated the next day. They’ll be just as good the next day.”

The Lost in a Forest Detroit style pizza will be available to order from 5pm, Friday April 1.

You can make your orders by calling: 8390 3444, can follow all their updates at: and order online at:

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