Urgent call for help from Furever Farm as hay shortage threatens 180 rescued animals

Furever Farm in South Australia faces a critical hay shortage amid unusual weather, endangering the welfare of 180 animals. Learn how you can help during this urgent crisis.

Furever Farm, a South Australian charity dedicated to the rescue, sanctuary, and rehoming of rural animals, is currently facing a critical shortage of hay due to unexpected weather patterns. The organisation, which relies solely on donations and fundraising efforts, has issued an critical call for assistance through their Facebook page.

Describing the situation as urgent, the post detailed the challenges brought about by a season notably lacking in rainfall, impacting both the ground conditions and the hay production cycle. “With this totally unseasonal weather, and next to zero rain so far in this ‘wet season’, the effects are domino-like. Decent rain should have started a while ago,” the post explained. It further elaborated on the difficulties hay growers face as they delay seeding paddocks in anticipation of rain, with forecasts indicating no ongoing significant rainfall expected until the spring/summer period.

The scarcity of hay has resulted in a rapid depletion of round bale stocks across South Australia, with remaining supplies selling for more than double the usual price. “As we speak, South Australia is running out of round bales,” the post stated, highlighting the desperate situation at Furever Farm as they near the end of their own hay reserves.

The sanctuary is now looking beyond state borders to secure sufficient hay to feed the 180 animals residing on their premises. Initiatives include the potential hiring of a truck for long-distance collection, as well as the exploration of shared load options, given the logistical and financial challenges of the crisis.

In their appeal, Furever Farm is not simply asking for monetary donations but is calling on the community for direct assistance in locating hay supplies. “If you know a grower, if you know a transport driver who can cart, if you see or hear of any oaten, wheaten or lucerne round bales please get in contact,” the plea urged. The sanctuary has also expressed interest in any possible discounts or donations of hay bales from growers or sellers, echoing past instances where community support helped them navigate similar shortages.

Furever Farm’s journey began in 2009, influenced by the founders’ growing awareness of the plight of farm animals. After working with local shelters, they decided to establish a sanctuary specifically for farm animals, a rarity in the region. Since opening in 2016 in Rockleigh, the sanctuary has become a refuge for a variety of animals including sheep, goats, ex-racing horses, and more, all rescued from adverse conditions or certain death in the industry.

This crisis underscores the continual challenge faced by organisations like Furever Farm, which depend on community support and environmental stability to provide care for animals that have nowhere else to go. As they now grapple with this hay shortage, the sanctuary remains hopeful that public goodwill and cooperation will again help them ensure the welfare of their many animals during this difficult time.

If you’re able to help, please contact Furever Farm on 0434 842 621 or email [email protected]. The farm is located at 148 Gogel Road, Rockleigh, SA, Australia, South Australia.

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