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Use Step by Step Wine’s personality quiz to find the wine to match your mood

Step by Step Wines have crafted a cheeky quiz to discover the wine to match your personality.

The creative team at Step by Step Wines have created a quiz that helps you find a wine that is perfect for your personality.

The cheeky range was created by Project Wine, who wanted to put some fun into choosing wine.

“The wine industry can be quite conservative and intimidating at times, so we wanted to make wine more approachable for younger generations,” says Project Wine’s team member, Tijana Laganin.

The wines are made and bottled at Langhorne Creek winery with fruit sourced from vineyards across South Australia.

“The idea stemmed from watching my new colleague’s introduction into the wine world.

“Fresh out of university at the sweet age of 21, her palate for Moscato paired with her inability to pronounce Brut Cuvée provided a humbling reality check,” says Laganin.

“Stepping out of my wine ego, I put myself in Winnie’s shoes, and realised the gap.

“With this gap in mind, we decided to keep things fun, creating a personality type for each wine,” concludes Laganin.

Due to the current COVID climate, the brand is exploring an e-marketing and social media presence to showcase their exciting new brand.

Each wine in the squad has a personality to match.

The wine squad includes the Mum – Chardonnay, Troublemaker – Brut Cuvée, Larrikin – Shiraz, Peacemaker – Sauvignon Blanc, Boss – Cabernet Sauvignon, Day Dreamer – Moscato, Aspiring Influencer – Pink Moscato and The Trendsetter – Pinot Grigio.

Find the wine that matches your personality below:

Head over to the website to discover more about each wine and its personality.

Step by Step has also crafted a playlist to match your chosen wine.

Find out more here:

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