VAILO innovates with eco-friendly floodlight, designed for wildlife protection

VAILO has rolled out the PC Amber version of its Zenith Gen-V stadium light, designed to keep wildlife safe from the harsh effects of artificial lighting.

In a move that’s set to brighten the night in more ways than one, VAILO has just rolled out the PC Amber version of its Zenith Gen-V stadium light, and it’s not your average floodlight. This new kid on the block is designed with a very special purpose in mind: to keep our furry and feathered friends safe from the harsh effects of artificial lighting.

VAILO, known for pushing the envelope in LED lighting technology, has taken a significant leap forward with this launch. The Zenith Gen-V PC Amber is all about striking the perfect balance between human needs and wildlife conservation. It’s no secret that artificial lighting, while great for human activities, can be quite the party pooper for wildlife, messing with their natural behaviours and internal clocks. Not to mention, bugs seem to love traditional lights like moths to a flame, literally.

Phil McKenzie, the brains behind VAILO’s Engineering and Production, shed some light on the matter. Over the years, LED lights have become the go-to for their energy efficiency and low upkeep. But, there’s a catch. The white LEDs, with their blue-rich spectrum, aren’t exactly wildlife-friendly. Enter PC Amber LEDs.

“PC Amber LEDs contribute to biodiversity conservation and sustainable ecosystem management in wildlife-sensitive areas by eliminating blue light while maintaining a broad spectrum of emitted light for effective outdoor area illumination for human use,” Phil said.

It’s like having your cake and eating it too – humans get the illumination they need without disrupting the natural order.

But don’t think for a second that this new variant is just about changing the light colour. The Zenith Gen-V PC Amber packs all the punch of VAILO’s flagship model – think cockatoo-proof wiring (because in Australia, even the wildlife wants a piece of the action), a tough-as-nails tempered glass lens with UV protection, and an impact rating that can take a hit. Not to mention, it’s got a sleek design and a powder-coated finish that’s as durable as it is stylish. And at 1000 watts, this light doesn’t play around.

Aaron Hickmann, the CEO and Founder of VAILO, couldn’t hide his excitement about this innovation.

“As a proud Australian company manufacturing locally, we are always looking at new ways to develop our products for the Australian lifestyle,” he said. The Zenith Gen-V PC Amber isn’t just another floodlight; it’s a game-changer for anywhere that needs high-performance lighting but sits close to sensitive ecosystems. From sports fields to mining areas, and even airports, this light is ready to shine across the nation.

For those keen to learn more about how VAILO is lighting the way forward with the Zenith Gen-V PC Amber and their range of eco-conscious lighting solutions, a visit to is a bright idea.

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