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Vegan lamington baked donuts now available for delivery

A vegan lamington baked donut is now available via delivery to sweeten your lockdown with chocolatey goodness.

Lamington lovers, this sweet treat has landed to enliven your lockdown!

A vegan lamington baked donut is now available for takeaway and delivery thanks to the legends at Mettā Sol. 

The plant-based, chocolatey delight has vanilla sponge baked with strawberries and strawberry jam swirls, and it’s dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with coconut and freeze-dried strawberries. The treat is totally plant-based, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free, and it’s available, along with Mettā Sol’s other offerings, via the eatery’s brand-new delivery service. 

All of Mettā Sol’s takeaway menu are now available for delivery. People within 5km of the Goodwood eatery can place their orders via the website by 3pm and will receive their orders shortly after 4pm. 

Popular takeaway treats from the completely plant-based eatery, which has Goodwood and CBD locations, include the veggie curry, avo scramble, their pho, and their Vietnamese iced coffee. If you’re after other desserts to accompany your lamington donut, try their baked matcha cheesecake, donut sticks, or hazelnut praline chocolate tart available for takeaway as well.

The eatery uses mainly raw, organic ingredients and make all of their own sauces and spreads, so there aren’t any mystery ingredients. 

Owner Cindy Nguyen, who owns Mettā Sol with her childhood friend, David, says this new service will benefit customers. 

“We’ve never done delivery before, and these lockdown situations always give us an opportunity to branch out of out little box and create new items and services,” she says. 

“This is a good opportunity for people to try new, plant-based items because it’s now convenient for them; It’s coming right to them.”

Find Mettā Sol online and order here.

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