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Vegan Sky Vietnamese Restaurant opens in Port Adelaide

Sky Vietnamese Restaurant has relocated to Port Adelaide and opened with vegan pho, laksa, curry, and desserts.

Vegans, if you’ve been looking for a new restaurant to try, we’ve found just the one! And looking at these dishes, we can hardly believe they’re all plant-based! 

Sky Vietnamese Restaurant has relocated to Port Adelaide and is now open. Located on Commercial Road, the restaurant is completely plant-based and serving up meat-free versions of all your Vietnamese favourites.

The venue has relocated to Port Adelaide after its original North Adelaide location closed during COVID-19 lockdowns. 

While the restaurant specialises in vegan pho, laksa and curry, Sky Vietnamese Restaurant offers an array of beverages, mains, and desserts. They offer vegetable stir fries, tofu and veggie clay pots, fried rice, spring rolls, and Vietnamese-inspired vermicelli with lemongrass tofu and mock beef. They have a en entire “mock” selection, with mock chicken and beef dishes to fool even meat eaters. Each dish is cooked with little oil and no MSG to ensure the dishes are healthy for their customers. 

The restaurant also has some epic-sounding desserts, such as avocado ice cream, crème brûlée, and a Vietnamese-style banana fritter. Other creative presentations include purple pansies and fairy floss trees adorning the dish.

To wash it all down, Sky Restaurant offers Vietnamese coffee, lychee soda drinks, coconut juice, mojito cocktails and more. 

Owner Mike, who runs the restaurant with his wife, says the creation of their all-vegan menu was simple because it’s what they grew up on and eat daily. 

“Our background is Buddhism, so our families always eat lots of vegetables,” Mike says.  “Our inspiration stems from Buddhism, our roots in Vietnam, and a lot of it from mum’s cooking as well.”

In the future, the restaurant plans to expand their menu as well. 

“In the future, we are going to make wood oven pizzas, and we already have the oven in the restaurant,” Mike says.  “That’s our next venture that’s going to launch soon as well.”

Find them online here.

Find the restaurant at 41 – 43 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide. 

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