Vegan & Vegetarian Food Lovers Haven Opens In Henley Beach

Vegans, vegetarians and foodies rejoice! Nice Little Things Catering Co are opening their first retail store.


Vegans, vegetarians and foodies you’re going to love this! Nice Little Things Catering Co (NLT) are opening their first retail store filled with all their amazing handmade goodies.

Up until now, Nice Little Things have been a catering business that caters to cocktail style events, private parties, weddings, corporate lunches, grazing tables and everything in between. NLT specialises in designing personalised menus to fit your event and fill your belly – and now they’ll be catering to every day consumers who just want a nibble while they’re in Henley Beach. 

NLT will be unveiling their new retail store in Henley Square on Saturday, May 20th. The store will be at the rear of the Henley Square Pavilion, opposite the Ramsgate Hotel. 

With 20 years of experience and a passion and love of all things food Owner; Kelly Kingston wants to give everyone who chooses NLT a reason to smile and go back for seconds!

NLT is all about bringing locally sourced produce to the table in the form of generous, handmade, delicious food, with a unique attention to detail.

The Nice Little Things store will be have a variety of foods available on offer including snacks, meals, salads and sweets (kombucha coconut water and housemade iced tea avail), all of which will be vegetarian, with some vegan and gluten free options as well.

Swing by on opening day or pop by on your day off to look at everything they’ve got to offer.


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