Vegan Wine, Vegan Cheese And Now... Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan Wine, Vegan Cheese And Now… Vegan Protein Powder

Good news if you’re shifting towards a more plant-based diet, health conscious or you’re vegan.


With the Vegan Festival coming up this weekend, its got us thinking about how the options for vegans have come a long way in such a short amount of time. You’ve got things like vegan wines, vegan cheese (shout out to Milkless – DAMN, this is good “cheese”), vegan cafes and even vegan protein powder!

Turns out vegan protein powder is a kind of a big deal. Especially when it tastes good. For example, since launching a Choc Pea Princess powder, Happy Way have been inundated with positive feedback and calls for more flavours that are vegan (no traces of animal products or by-products). Thankfully, they’ve just released the new Vanilla Vegan. The team’s extensive product testing and careful consideration ensures that the end-product is equally delicious and nutritious. Happy Way Co-Owner, Ben Germein, says, “Vanilla was the next obvious option to introduce as our second vegan powder as it has maintained a cult following within our whey range…

“The flavour profile of the Vanilla Vegan powder pairs perfectly with fan-favourite recipes and is the perfect choice for time restrained vegans and the health conscious,” says Ben Germein.

Consistent with the Happy Way ethos, the Vanilla Vegan powder is free from preservatives, sweeteners and artificial flavours. Not only a pea protein supplement, the Vanilla Vegan powder is also packed with natural antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins to help nourish the mind, body and soul.

Happy Way Co-Owner, Hien Nguyen, says, “The Choc Pea Princess powder was a massive hit amongst our customers and we’re expecting the Vanilla Vegan to be a crowd favourite as well…“Our vegan range can be enjoyed simply as a protein shake mixed with water or added into a variety of recipes for an extra nutritious element…

“The current Happy Way range comprises of six powders, including whey and pea protein based supplements. None of the nasty stuff and all of the good, organic ingredients, Happy Way’s simple and holistic approach to its products means you’ll always know exactly what you’re eating,” says Hien Nguyen

This release of the Vanilla Vegan powder sees the collision of mass demand for new plant-based products and the unwavering success of the Vanilla Ice Ice Baby whey protein.

Vanilla Vegan joins the Happy Way range for $43.95 and is available via


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