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Vego’s and Cherry Darlings merge to create vegan dream

Cherry Darlings and Vego’s have combined to create the ultimate vegan restaurant experience.

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Vego’s has been serving up delicious vegan burgers since 1988, and now, this Adelaide institution is under new management and joining forces with Cherry Darlings to create the ultimate vegan restaurant experience.

New owner, Tim Salmon, has bought into Vego’s and will look to continue building on previous owner Robin Eastwood’s work.

“Robin the previous owner created some excellent vegan options,” Salmon said.

“It’ll still be the same Vego’s, all we’re doing is combining it with Cherry Darlings and introducing a Cherry Darlings Jnr.”

This new merger means the consumer now has more range of vegan options and stable opening hours.

“The Cherry Darling product will now be in the city,” Salmon said.

“We’ll be looking to have more consistent hours, more staff and desserts. It’s a really exciting time.”

Being vegan for 20 years, Salmon said that the vegan movement has taken leaps and bounds since be became one himself.

“When I became vegan, we literally had Vegetarian Delight and the markets,” Salmon said.

“These were the only real vegan options in Adelaide. In the last seven years more and more options have popped up.

“The last two years there have been massive improvements. There’s now more options, more competition which I think is great. You can’t relax on your laurels and it pushes people to create.

“I just want to keep the momentum going and in my opinion it’s the best thing.”

Vego’s is currently closed, but fear not, the doors will be open sooner, rather than later.

“We’ll be looking for a October opening,” Salmon said.

“We need to look at the re-staging and get everything to level that we want it.”

To keep up to date on opening hours, head to

Find Vego’s at 240 Rundle Street.

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