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Victoria Square transforms into vibrant entertainment hub ‘Fool’s Paradise’ for Fringe

Returning for its second year, popular venue hub ‘Fool’s Paradise’ takes over Victoria Square, even bigger and better than before!

As Adelaide Fringe takes over the city once more, Fool’s Paradise stands out as a must-visit venue hub for its 2024 season.

Located in the heart of Tarntanyangga/Victoria Square, Fool’s Paradise is returning for its second year, now open and running till Sunday, 17th March, and promises a lineup that’s both larger and more enchanting than before.

With three venues under its belt—The Vault, The Bunker, and The Roundabout—this venue hub is the go-to spot for circus lovers, families and anyone looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant energy of the Fringe.

If you haven’t experienced Fool’s Paradise before, it’s an impressive cultural hub that showcases 34 shows throughout the month. This year, it proudly features the Melbourne-based circus group Head First Acrobats, who are known for their breathtaking and awe-inspiring performances.

According to Thomas Gorham, the organiser behind Fool’s Paradise, the heart of Adelaide provides the perfect backdrop for these thrilling circus acts and allows Fringe-goers to explore a different part of the city.

‘The Adelaide Fringe Festival is great because there are so many locations where shows can be hosted, and we think Tarntanyangga/Victoria Square is a wonderful spot for these circus acts to thrive’, says Thomas. ‘We’ve got a lot coming back as well as plenty of new features to the area, so it’s a great spot to base yourself for some Fringe shows.’

What sets Fool’s Paradise apart is its dedication to both cutting-edge circus performances and children’s entertainment. This year, the flying trapeze receives an upgrade with a full rig, offering daily classes for those inspired by the aerial feats, and the venue also welcomes back busking and scheduled live music acts, turning the southern side of the square into a lively festival ground.

Head First Acrobats are set to dazzle audiences with their shows, including the not-to-be-missed ‘Railed’ featuring Australia’s best juggler and the cabaret sensation ‘Crème de la Crème.’ Other cheeky shows include ‘Flamenco Electro’, ‘Star Wars de Nude’, and ‘#since1994’ which promise to spark discussions and entertain adults in search of a unique night out.

Families will find a paradise of their own with shows tailored for children, such as ‘Dr Hubble, f*acts, Paper Trail’, and ‘Mike Balloon’, ensuring that there’s something for every member of the family. With at least four shows running across each weekend, Fool’s Paradise is the perfect spot for a family day out during the Fringe.

Fool’s Paradise will feature live music events and outdoor dining options that range from Asian to European cuisines. Foodies can enjoy meals from Bao Bao by the Filipino Project and Pizza Reggina or treat themselves to smoothies and classic doughnuts from Smooth Operators. Wine and beer lovers haven’t been forgotten, with Hither and Yon and Pirate Life operating 20-foot containers to quench your thirst.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your Fringe experience truly remarkable by visiting the unique venue hub that is Fool’s Paradise, returning in 2024 even bigger and better than before!

What: Fool’s Paradise.
Where: Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga, Grote St, Adelaide, Kaurna Country.
When: Friday, 16th February-Sunday, 17th March (closed Mondays).
For further info, click here.

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