Villains Taking Over Upper Adelaide

For those that know and love Two Bit Villains, get excited big things are about to happen. For those who aren’t in the loop, it’s time to get onboard!

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For those that know and love Two Bit Villains, get excited big things are about to happen. For those who aren’t in the loop, it’s time to get onboard!

Two Bit Villains has been a little funky Soda Bar located upstairs in Adelaide Arcade for several years now, but it’s about to be reborn. The small venue has kept a relatively low profile while specialising in vegetarian and vegan food (previously mentioned in our Vegan Hot Spots Guide) and homemade sodas that they create from scratch.

Now, however, they have moved (don’t worry, it’s right next door) to a space FOUR TIMES the original size – the old first floor Adelaide Arcade ballroom in fact. With a little help from the Adelaide City Council’s Rundle Mall Innovation Fund which allowed for the much-needed renovation on the Rundle Street end of the Adelaide Arcade balcony, the space has been reinvented and opened up to showcase the incredible heritage in the building, and allows the venue to spill out on to the balcony that overlooks Rundle Mall’s iconic fountain.

With the new space comes a new menu, filled with delectable vego and vegan treats to suit diners of all varieties; herbivores, carnivores and all that’s in between.

FYI: Word on the street is the new fake pulled pork will leave even the nay-sayers drooling!

For the past 12 months, whilst the renovations have been undergoing, owners Sass and Liam have been collecting unique retro items (think typewriters and vinyl players) to fill their new restaurant and match the unique flare they boast in their food and drinks.

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Tonight’s exciting Two Bit Villain opening will be the first time this idyllic space has been used in over 80 years. Lord Mayor Martin Haese said, ‘This will add life and activity, day and night, to a previously underused space in this stunning arcade.’

Glam was lucky enough to get a sneak peek this week at the beautiful space, and it’s clear to see why people are getting so excited. Whether you’re inside or on their great revamped balcony looking out over Rundle mall, or gazing back through the arcade and all its history, the views are mesmerising.

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For those that are in doubt about the quirky twist on a historic space, don’t panic; The Two Bit retro fit-out doesn’t detract from the high moulded ceilings and archways of days gone by, but rather complements it. It’s basically a site you need to see for yourself.

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Sass told us she is thrilled to be expanding her kitchen space so she can be more comfortable and at ease whilst creating her dishes that have gained an almost cult following. A following we’re happy to say we at Glam are part of! Pass the Kool-Aid.

The move has been a long time in the making for this fabulous little team, but one that is sure to bring great and exciting things to them and to this unique Rundle Mall space.

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2bit villains

Opening hours are:

Monday and Tuesday, 11.30am–4pm

Wednesday and Thursday, 11.30am–9.30pm

Friday, 11.30am–10.30pm

Saturday, 9am–10.30pm

Sunday, 9am–9.30pm

Check them out on Facebook for more info

Or follow their adventures on Instagram @twobitvillains


Photography by Josh Geelen

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