Vinomofo Raises Over 40k For The Homeless And You Can Still Help Out!

Congrats South Aussies, we just raised $40,000 for Hutt Street with the Vinomofo’s Homeless Grapes Project!

It’s official, Vinomofo’s Homeless Grapes Project has just raised $40,000 for Adelaide-based front-line support group, Hutt Street! The Vinomofo Homeless Grapes Project was a limited edition of Vintage Shiraz from the McLaren Vale which raised funds for Hutt Street and our locals experiencing homelessness and other hardships.

Since its launch in late June, the 2017 McLaren Vale Shiraz has sold over 2,000 bottles (333 cases), with 100% of the proceeds going directly to supporting Australia’s homeless population.

You can still make a difference and get your hands on the exclusive cases! There are still a few cases available online via the Vinomofo website.

So you know how much impact you are making: A six pack of wine provides a home starter pack for a couple moving from the street to the home and a hot breakfast and lunch for a week for someone doing it tough. A 12 pack of wine provides safe emergency accommodation for a family in crisis for two nights. And 200 cases of wine provides, 570 clients housed; 153 clients employed; 41,134 nutritious meals served; 5,184 loads of washing; 11,520 showers and 3,100 appointments with qualified nurses. 

Good job South Aussies! There is no lie that we love to make and enjoy good wines, and there is no lie that we love to support each other. So make sure you purchase the remaining cases, there is no reason not to get drinking. It is for a worthy cause very close to our hearts. You can support our local winemakers and more importantly our locals who are experiencing homelessness.

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