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Violet Crumbles Are Now Made Right Here In Adelaide

And the very first bars have just come off the production line.


If the glimpse of the purple wrapper of a Violet Crumble gets you excited, we have some news that will make your Wednesday. The delicious honeycomb treat is now made right here in Adelaide, with the first bars coming off the production line today.

The chocolate bars are now made by the South Australian confectionery company who also make Menz FruChocs, after they acquired the brand from Nestle earlier this year.

The acquisition brings the ownership of one of Australia’s most iconic and favourite snacks back to Australian soil after 46 years.

Not only were Robern Menz given nine double semi-trailer truckloads of equipment from the Melbourne Nestle factory, the company is also now the lucky custodian of the coveted Violet Crumble formula.

“The recipe and process technique is top-secret. That’s why the Violet Crumble explosive and shattering honeycomb experience is so unique and so loved by generations of Australians since it was first created in Australia by Abel Hoadley as Australia’s first chocolate bar in 1913,” said Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims.

The new owners are sticking with the original Violet Crumble recipe and also including the use of sustainable and ethically-sourced cocoa ingredients.

The choccie bars are being made at their Glynde factory, with an additional 30 staff overseeing production and management.

The return of Violet Crumble to Australian ownership will see the product will remain available at supermarkets and convenience stores.

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