Virgin Airlines slash the price of business class flights!

Sick of occupying the most uncomfortable seats on the plane because you can’t afford better, well Virgin Airlines is here to solve your problem.

Take that trip you’ve been dying to go on since the start of the pandemic and get boujee flying business class from $279 with Virgin Airlines.

You can keep to the known shores or branch out, but don’t miss out.

Often the worst part of travelling is the uncomfortable flights. Sitting with your legs squished against the seat in front of you and misbehaving children keeping you from sleep.

This is the perfect opportunity to escape uncomfortable flights and celebrate the ability to travel and explore new corners of landmarks.

Tag in your travel pal and start building that travel itinerary. This is your excuse to start ticking a few things off the bucket list that has been spilling over since the lockdowns.

Doubts should not be given consideration. After all, you only live once, and who knows when an opportunity like this will come around again.

With pandemic restrictions being phased out, dreams of travelling to far off lands are being inspired again.

These dreams can become tangible with the slashed prices Virgin Airlines is offering. You can take a holiday to a glamorous city in the lux business class seats for a fraction of the price.

We all deserve an adventure, and the sky’s the limit. According to Virgin Airlines, flying high… class is not only for the well-to-do, but for those with fewer coins clinking about in their pockets.

So it’s time to fly! Pick a destination and invest your money in an experience of luxury.

Fly from Adelaide to:

  • Alice Springs – $559
  • Brisbane – $359
  • Cairns – $359
  • Canberra – $279
  • Darwin – $539
  • Gold Coast – $359
  • Hobart – $309
  • Launceston – $309
  • Melbourne – $299
  • Perth – $459
  • Sunshine Coast – $359
  • Sydney – $309

Find more information here.

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