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Virtual Chicken Nugget Kitchen, Nugg Lyf, Has Expanded To Four Locations!

Exciting news chicken nugget lovers, UberEATS restaurant, Nugg Lyf is going to expand into the west side of the CBD.

Exciting news chicken nugget lovers, by now you’ll probably have heard of Nugg Lyf since we can’t stop talking about it. Can you blame us? It’s chicken nuggets. This restaurant has in the one month it’s been open expanded from one to four locations! They are Edwardstown, Modbury, Cavan & Kilkenny!

Nugget connoisseurs, Josh & Andrew, have burst into the scene with their virtual kitchen which offers satisfaction in the form of chicken nuggets after a rough day (hangovers for sure).

To keep up with customer demand, those in the west of the city will now have a change to try these premium nuggets. Even more cool news, the west of the city will become their first brick & mortar location on Torrens Road.

‘We couldn’t be more thankful for the amount of customers who have ordered from us and one of the things we have kept hearing is people would love to come in themselves rather then only go through UberEATS’ explains Josh

‘Plus we have grown so quickly that we felt it was important to create a ‘Nugg HQ’ where we could centralise prep, storage and just the business in general.”

Right now there are three spice combos, the OG, the Cartel (chilli/Mexican) and the Mafia (Italian), but with this expansion we’re looking forward to more options.

To also accommodate for those with a sweet tooth, Nugg Lyf are also launching their new Dessert Nugg which has the potential to be the best of both worlds.

It also won’t just be on UberEATS that you can order these treats, the western location will be partnering with Deliveroo too!


OPEN NOW! Adelaide’s First Speciality Chicken Nugget Virtual Kitchen Is Here

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