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Virtual dating ideas for the lockdown era

Online date ideas for lockdown 2.0


Remember the first time the world momentarily closed, and everyone had to stay inside, only released once a day for a supermarket run?

Feels like ages ago, but it’s only been about six months since COVID jargon began to infiltrate common vernacular. Working from home became WFH, and we all started describing social distancing measures as “the new normal.”

This new normal meant everyone trapped in their houses for the best part of the day, with only their families for company, potentially enough to drive even a wildly tolerant person insane.

Without jobs to go to, face-to-face conversations to have (outside of our immediate bubbles), shops to browse, dogs to walk, errands to run… You know, normal, boring lives to lead, it turns out most of us get a little fidgety.

Most people took to the Internet as a cure. There were the Netflix-bingers, the sourdough-Instagramers, the always-trying-to-invite-you-to-join-Housepartyers.

And there were the innovative-online-daters. Overseas internet couples went viral. Like the New York neighbours who documented their courtship on TikTok for millions of heart-warmed fans.

South Australia has been mercifully immune to many of internationally and interstate-imposed COVID restrictions since then. So it has, for the most part, been business as usual on the dating scene here.

But here we are, staring down the barrel of six days at home. Not ideal for anyone who’s just ignited a little Tinder flame.

If lockdown 2.0’s thrown a spanner in the face of your dating life, try one of these virtual date ideas on for size.

Pretend you’re at your favourite Adelaide bar

The obvious early-days date (whether in person or hanging virtually) because there’s nothing like booze to strip away any small talk awkwardness.

  • Recreate The Exeter experience with a bottle of cheap and cheery bubs. Sip away while streaming moderate road noise and street chatter in the background. Want to go the whole way? Have someone blow ciggie smoke in your general direction or clumsily spill a pint on you halfway through the date.
  • With Dan Murphy’s only a phone call away, turn your lounge into low-rent version of Maybe Mae. Cosmopolitans anyone? (Alternate option: a pack of cruisers).
  • Or, if it’s Udaberri you’re missing, pretend to wait in line outside your own front door for half an hour before necking an over-embellished gin and tonic from a wine glass.

Pretend you’re at your favourite Adelaide restaurant

Africola and Parwana both recently released cookbooks. Have a go at butchering a dish each, then have a virtual dinner date.

Watch some TV together

We’ve even put together this handy guide, so you don’t have to scroll through all the boring options.

Make something

Paint each other, see who can make the best sandwich, build a house of cards. The options truly are endless.

Learn a TikTok dance together

Seriously. If they’re still keen to hang out after watching you do this — they might just be a keeper.

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