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Walford’s Pioneering Women Leave A Bright Legacy For South Australia

Here at Glam Adelaide, we believe looking to inspirational women who have made their mark in Adelaide’s rich history is always a great idea. Here is the story of Walford’s pioneering woman, Miss Lydia Adamson. 

Here at Glam Adelaide, a daily dose of female empowerment stories is always a good idea. We believe looking to inspirational women who have made their mark in Adelaide’s rich history is a great starting point. So on this chilly Thursday winter’s morning, we bring you the story of Walford’s Miss Lydia Adamson.

Miss Adamson was a key figure in the humble beginnings of the school, Walford. This year the school celebrates 125 years, and it is all down to the work of this pioneering woman.

Despite the restricted role women played in society, Miss Lydia Adamson was key figure in bringing education to young women in the late eighteen hundreds. In 1893, Miss Lydia Adamson founded Walford in her family home in Fisher Street, Malvern.

When Miss Adamson employed first teachers, they were the first women in South Australia allowed to gain a university degree.

Miss Anderson was not alone however. Miss Ellen Benham, who encouraged the sciences, also helped to ensure the school flourished.

The family ethos of early years remains a distinctive characteristic of Walford today. Hundreds of schools opened in those early first decades of Adelaide’s settlement and Walford is one of the few that survived the time of the Depression and continued its growth to become a leading girls’ school in Australia today.

Miss Anderson early beliefs that children learn best in a happy and secure environment is still found within the school today, with Walford Early Learning Centre being a prime example.

In October 2012, Ms Rebecca Clarke accepted the invitation of the Council of Governors to become the eighth leader of Walford. Today Walford aims to provide the finest education for girls through rigorous and challenging teaching, an extensive and varied co-curricular program and a supportive and encouraging environment.

Inspiration all round, we say! Happy 125 years!

For more information about Walford and their historic school, head here.

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