Join In On ‘Walk Together 2015’

The annual Walk Together celebration of diversity will take place from 11am this coming Saturday 31 October in Adelaide and in 25 cities around Australia.

This coming Saturday, 31 October, thousands of people in more than 25 cities across Australia will Walk Together in celebration of diversity, and as a loud declaration of belief that we can return to being a nation known for our compassion, generosity and welcome.

Australia is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse nations in the world with almost half of our population either born overseas or having at least one parent born overseas. In 2012-13, migration contributed about 60% of our population growth.

Walk Together is an annual, national event organised by the charitable Welcome to Australia organisation to encourage Australians from all walks of life to say welcome to those living in our community regardless of heritage or status and regardless of whether they’re a migrant, refugee, international student or visitor.

With a growing list of high profile Australians joining the call for welcome, tolerance and compassion, the Welcome to Australia movement has grown from a small Adelaide centre in Bowden, to become a national force. Ambassadors who publicly support the cause include politicians, actors, musicians, comedians…even The Wiggles!

This year’s Walk will commence at 11am on Saturday 31 October around the country. In Adelaide, it begins at the Festival Theatre plaza behind Parliament House and ends with a family-friendly picnic on Whitmore Square. Details for other cities can be found on the Walk Together website. You can also keep up to date on the Walk Together 2015 Facebook Page.


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