Walk Under 2 Million Blossoms At Stella Creek Cherry Blossom Festival

For the first time, Stella Creek are opening the orchard for everyone to come enjoy the spectacle that is cherry blossom time.

Stella Creek are usually known for their cherry picking during the summer — but before summer comes spring, the time of year when the Stella Creek orchards come alive with cherry blossoms!

The cherry blossoms only bloom for as short as two weeks in spring, but it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes — just look at them:

For the first time, Stella Creek are opening the orchard for everyone to come enjoy the spectacle that is cherry blossom time.

Depending on the blossoms, the orchard will be open for two weekends in the latter part of September — think Saturday 21 & Sunday 22, as well as Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 in September. The dates are tentative because the blossoms do depend on the weather! We recommend following the Stella Creek Facebook page to keep up to date with any date changes.

There will be a entrance fee of $5 for adults and children under 16 are free, but it’s a small price to pay for enjoying a perfect spring day strolling through the rows of beautiful blossoms.

Food and drinks will be available, but you’re welcome to pack a picnic basket too!

For those of you hearing about Stella Creek for the first time, it’s a delightful 42-acre cherry farm situated in the high rainfall cool climate region of the Adelaide Hills, about 30 minutes by road from the CBD.

Stella Creek is mainly known for their cherries! There are over 2,700 trees in three orchards, with cherry varieties including Stella (after which the property is named), Lapin, Summit, Simone, Sam, Bing, Vic, Van, Dame Roma and Vega (a white fleshed variety).

Apart from the eight acres of permanently netted cherry trees, the Stella Creek Cherry Farm is noted for its verdant pastures.

There are 15 acres or so of natural stringybark scrub with yakka undergrowth, spring wildflowers, tracks wandering through the scrub to the dams and orchards, waters coursing through the gullies, highly coloured and melodious birds including fairy wrens and scarlet robins, honeyeaters, finches, many types of parrot and water birds.

Plus kangaroos are often seen grazing in the paddocks and, more recently, koalas in the trees!

You can find Stella Creek Cherry Farm at 178 Plummers Rd Forest Range, but don’t follow your GPS — it’s likely to take you on a detour via Fire Tracks. Your trip should only take about 25 minutes from the top of Magill Road.

If you go straight up Magill Road, it turns into Adelaide-Lobethal Road at Norton Summit, then after about 12kms (on a winding road) turn left at Plummers Road.

There’s a handy guide here for more details!

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