Want The Body Of Our Favourite Instagram ‘Fitspo’ Glam Gal?

Dasha from Bags And Bunnies has a banging body, her Instagram account with 278k followers is a testament to that. So who better to ask for some workout tips to get us that banging beach body? It’s time to put down the cake and get sweaty…

Hers is a face that you have probably come across on Instagram before, especially if you are on it as much as we are (ok, so we are a little obsessed). Dasha Gaivoronskaia or Bags and Bunnies (@bagsandbunnies) as she is known in the world of Insta, has made a name for herself as the go to for fitness advice, healthy eating tips and, of course, fashion. A self confessed ‘fitness and fashion addict’ her 278k and continuously growing number of followers appear to agree.

So with Summer fast approaching it is time for us to put down the cake (but it tastes so good…) and get some workout tips from the dream herself. Dasha has put together the perfect workout. The perfect workout (?) we hear you asking… Yes, well as perfect as a workout can be. It requires no gym membership, no personal trainer and no equipment. So it kicks your butt and puts you on the path to that smoking hot bod that you are after while costing absolutely nothing. That sounds pretty perfect to us. Time to get sweaty…

This HIIT (that is High Intensity Interval Training) circuit is an endurance boosting workout that will burn up to 500 calories in just 40 minutes (or less depending on how hard you smash it). All you need is a pair of shoes and a mat.

Check out the full workout below (plus the video of Dasha showing you how it is all done):

 Warm up

1 Jumping Jacks 30 reps

2 High knees 30 reps

3 Alternating forward steps and knee lift 30 reps

4 Arm Swings 20 reps

5 Inchworms 10 reps

Main Workout

1 sumo jump squat and opposite hand-toe touches

2 Curtsy lunges

3 Flutter kicks

4 Side plank (advanced option – start bringing knee and elbow together)

5 Single leg glute bridges

6 Mountain climbers

7 Reverse crunch

Repeat one exercise after another 3 times

In the 1st round perform 30 reps of each exercise

In the 2nd round perform 20 reps

In the 3rd one perform 10 reps


Hold each stretch for 25-30 seconds

No more excuses, Dasha has made it so easy for you to get your burn on.

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