Powerhouse Comedians Heading To Adelaide For Annual Winter Comfest

The inaugural Winter ComFest is returning at the end of this month, featuring a particularly spectacular line up of local and international talent.

No matter what the season, nothing makes you feel warm inside quite like a good laugh. Besides, laughter has also been shown to boost the immune system (much needed this winter), burn calories (summer bodies are made in winter), and may even help you live longer.

Okay, that might be pushing it — but, hey, we’re not about to take any chances. If laughter is the doorway to the fountain of youth, then we’re going to take it!

And what better place to get a healthy dose of laughter than at a comedy festival?

The inaugural Winter Comfest takes place at the end of this month, featuring a particularly spectacular line up of local and international talent, presented by Woodville Town Hall and Onya Soapbox.

Performing alongside some of the greats, like Urzila Carlson and Nazeem Hussain, is Adelaide local, Lori Bell. We had a chat with Lori about her experience in the field of comedy and how it feels to be performing with the like of Nazeem Hussain and Dane Simpson.

Turns out Lori stumbled into the comedy scene, which is a comedic start in itself, and draws material form her biggest fan — herself!

Lori Bell

“Honestly, I’m not creative enough [to] derive my stand-up from anyone apart from me and my bad life choices,” she says. Though we beg to differ, particularly after Lori tells us about Granny Flaps.

“I probably get the most joy out of playing Granny Flaps,” she says. “She is a sassy older lady, and as her I can talk quite openly about sex and sexuality and relationships, and it’s all got a positive message. She allows everyone to enjoy the taboos in a safe place. Unless you heckle.”

While we’re not sure Granny Flaps will make an appearance at this year’s Winter Comfest, Lori tells us her job is to get the audience feeling “comfortable and giggly” before the boys come on stage.

“I’ll aim to do that, but I’m very easily distracted…” she says, leaving us wondering where the night may lead.

One thing we do know is that Lori is just as impressed with the line up as we are. She says it’s a “great feeling going in to a gig knowing that the others will smash it out of the park.”

The full line up for Winter Comfest includes Urzila Carlson, Anne Edmonds, and Carla Wills on Friday, 23 August, then Nazeem Hussain, Dane Simpson, and Lori Bell on Saturday, 24 August.

For more information and to purchase tickets, head over here.

Winter Comfest is being held at Woodville Town Hall which is owned and operated by the City of Charles Sturt. Both nights will include Auslan Interpreters and Saturday will also have Audio Describers. For more information about the venue visit

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