Warmth and breathability collide with new SA activewear collection

SA brand Avvini Athletica is launching the ‘Vital’ collection, which features three new colours (nude, clay and wine) and a new ribbed texture fabric.

We all need a little motivation to exercise in the winter months, and what better motivation than new activewear?

SA-based fitness apparel and accessories brand, Avvini Athletica, is launching its newest collection, Vital, this month and the Avvini team thinks the products will become quick essentials to every woman’s activewear wardrobe.

“Vital is more than a new collection to us. We poured our heart and soul into this next chapter for our Avvini Family,” said Store Manager, Taylah Cini.

“We’ve spent many months, trialling, testing, and altering Vital to ensure it’s perfect for the Avvini community we’ve built and for those who want to become a part of it.”

The Vital collection introduces three new colours (nude, clay and wine), as well as three scrunch bum leggings, three scrunch bum shorts, two sports bras, and a new ribbed texture fabric. After seven months of planning, the South Australian team now claim they’re putting some of the best quality products out there.

“We wanted to push the limit on what can be done to improve on the best gym clothing fabric out there in the market. So, we went back to the drawing board,” said Taylah.

“After months of design and redesign, we made and remade the collection over a span of 7 months. At the end of 7 months, the vital collection was born. We looked back and realised that we have gone above and beyond to create one of the best quality products on the market.”

Avvini Vital collection boasts a 320 grams per square metre (GSM) fabric. What does this mean? The higher a fabric’s GSM, the thicker and more hard-wearing it’s likely to be – which is an important consideration when choosing your activewear.

The new collection’s 320 GSM line is a great midweight fabric that offers a balance of warmth and breathability this winter.

Vital, which also means “full of energy” or “lively”, was named as such to align with the brand’s core message.

“It is exactly what we want our customers to feel when they wear the Vital collection,” said Taylah.

“Our goal was to create something more than just other leggings or activewear. With Vital collection, we wanted a sense of purpose, we wanted our amazing fans to wear a story, we wanted them to feel and know they could achieve anything in and out of the gym when they put on this collection.”

Established in 2019, Avvini Athletica was developed by local non-professional body builder, Dami Oyeyinka with the intention of launching an activewear for the everyday person.

“You don’t need to be a bikini model or body builder to feel good about your body. Working out for Avvini Athletica is a way of life and doesn’t need a trophy. We aim to launch our male activewear line soon,” he said.

To learn more about the specific design and features of the new collection, click here.

The Vital Collection is available for pre-order now, due to be released tomorrow on 24th June 2022.

To purchase online, visit the Avvini Athletica website.

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