Warning issued for rogue, unlicensed and door-to-door tradies

The Consumer and Business Services have recorded a 20% increase in complaints concerning unlicensed tradespeople.

The Government is urging South Australians to be cautious of unlicensed tradespeople, particularly those operating door-to-door.

Consumer and Business Services has observed a significant increase of around 20 percent in complaints regarding unlicensed tradespeople such as plumbers, gas fitters, and electricians during the last financial year.

In the current financial year, CBS has received nearly 530 complaints related to unlicensed or unauthorized work in the building, plumbing, electrical, and gas fitting sectors, compared to approximately 440 complaints during the same period in the previous year.

“It’s very concerning to see a spike of 20 per cent in complaints about unlicensed tradies including those going door-to-door,” Andrea Michaels, Minister for Consumer and Business Affairs said.

“I suspect that the spike is being driven by cost-of-living pressures as more people are being tempted by the offer of cheap work. 

“While I completely understand why people would be tempted, they need to remember that an offer that seems to be too good to be true often is and can end up costing more in the long run.

“Never accept an offer from someone going door to door without doing your research first. Seek multiple quotes, look for testimonials and if the tradie is using high-pressure tactics to try and force a sale, don’t engage and report it to CBS.”

A considerable portion of these cases is still under review, with formal warnings issued in over 160 instances throughout the current financial year.

Alarmingly, CBS continues to receive reports of rogue tradespeople making unsolicited visits, offering services at discounted rates.

These individuals often exploit economic pressures by enticing customers with promises of cheap and speedy work. However, the quality of their workmanship frequently falls short, resulting in higher costs for repairs compared to hiring a qualified professional from the outset.

It is a legal requirement for all builders and tradespeople to prominently display their license number on all forms of advertising, including social media, websites, and business cards.

Consumers are advised to only engage with licensed tradespeople, which can be verified by requesting to see their license card or by conducting a license check through the CBS website.

More advice on hiring a tradie can be found here.

You can also report an unlicensed tradie via the CBS website or by calling 131 882.

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