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Warriors of Brazil

Carnival comes to Adelaide in a celebration of music, dance, and life itself.


Warriors Of BrazilFestival Theatre
Tuesday February 9th 2010 (continues until February 11th)

Presented by Kay & McLean Productions and Michael Coppel




Venue: Festival Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide
Season: February 9, 10, 11 at 7.30pm
Tickets: All tickets $39.90 (plus booking fees) available through BASS
BASS 131 246 or www.bass.net.au

Continues February 10, 11 at 7.30pm

Carnival comes to Adelaide in a celebration of music, dance, and life itself.

From the ghettos of Salvador de Bahia, these young men have escaped a life of gang warfare to spread hope to the youth of Brazil. They are masters of Capoeira (kah-poh-ayr-ra), a form of martial arts, and this high-energy showcase is a demonstration of skill, rhythm and the pinnacle of physical prowess.  If it’s sex appeal you want, these boys ooze it and use it.  Between them, they’ve got more six packs than a bottle shop!

Created and directed by UK-based Toby Gough, the Warriors of Brazil is a social development program that mixes dancers, singers, live music and acrobatics, interspersed with short bursts of narration to tell us about the violence of slum life and the excitement of the World Cup.

The precision of the main artists is exceptional as they spin, flip, fight and samba to live Latin rhythms. Capoeiristas, Devan Lima, for example, recently performed 38 flips in 30 seconds on national television back home.

The astounding speed of the gymnastics is offset by sly humour, dance breaks and kicking a ball. While the energy of the show never wanes, the balance and pace are just right.

Lead artist, 22 year old Rayson Santana, woos the girls with his afro hairdo and cheeky smile, while the gorgeous Paloma Gomes adds glamour and song to the proceedings.

Percussion band Rhythm Carnival, under the guidance of lead singer and composer Magary, is a celebration in itself, often threatening to pull focus with its colour and style.  When they come to the foreground, the audience dance in their seats.

In a similar vein to the Warriors, Rhythm Carnival transformed the lives of its young people in the violent slums of Candeal.

This is the first time the Warriors of Brazil have toured Australia.  They venerate culture, hope, joy and youth. The show energises and excites, and it should not be missed.

Review by Rod Lewis for GLAM Adelaide.

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