Watch Adelaide Zoo’s adorable otters LIVE for World Otter Day

Watch what a furry family of six otters get up to all day with Adelaide Zoo’s loveable livestream.

You may have woken up today thinking it was just your standard Wednesday, but 26th May is actually World Otter Day!

These monogamous mammals have been hailed as the ultimate ‘couple goals’, with viral pictures swirling around the internet of these cute creatures holding hands when they fall asleep, to prevent themselves drifting away from the group. 

Adelaide Zoo is celebrating their exhibit of adorable creatures by live streaming an excitable group of otters, often found diving in and out of their watery abode or basking in the sun. After their session of sun baking, the otters might be seen snacking on their favourite dishes of seafood, fruit and veg and more unusually, cat biscuits.

The six wonderfully wriggly Asian small-clawed otters who will star in today’s livestream are Mum, Kalaya (6), Dad, Bao (8), and their descendants Rama (2), Mali (2), Mani (1) and Riaan (1). The most recent additions to the otter exhibit, Mani and Riaan, joined the furry family in March 2020 and have been a huge hit with the zoo’s visitors.

But don’t let their adorable exterior deceive you, otters are adept hunters, known to possess an incredible level of agility that means they can take on prey double their size.

For a fun after-school activity to celebrate World Otter Day at home, parents can also download and print this aquatic otter scene created by Adelaide Zoo Keeper, Eli, for all the family to colour in!

Celebrate World Otter Day by tuning into Adelaide Zoo’s Otter livestream here.

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