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We chat to a greyhound owner on why adopting is a must

Here’s what adopting one of these adorable dogs entail from someone who has done just that.


In coming out of iso, we’re all thinking about the comfort of furry friends.

You’ve probably always wondered about how cute adopting a greyhound would be. These adorable dogs are large but love a cuddle, and are well known for their easy nature.

The Greyhound Adoption Program SA saw a massive spike in applications during quarantine, so we had to chat to someone who has adopted before to find out what it entails.

May Stanley is currently the proud mother of two greyhounds, one of which she fostered and adopted after passing her green collar assessment (a temperament test so they can be adopted, and apply to walk them without a muzzle)

“Winnie is my third greyhound, they are very addictive,” May says.

“When I was living in Queensland I started doing research on large dogs who are happy living in small spaces.” May lived in a duplex at the time, where she came across the breed consistency through her research.

“Behind the ‘race dog’ reputation is a couch potato looking for love – the true underdog.”

May was on a waitlist for a couple of months before being called in for regular updates from the SA Greyhound Adoption Program.

Fostered greyhounds, more often than not, need training for things that most dogs easily do; jumping in a car, running upstairs, or playing with other breeds.

May was assigned a Foster and Adoptions Officer who was regularly in touch during the foster period.

“They gave me many helpful suggestions such as temporary installation of a baby gate to ensure all family members have space and quiet time,” she says.

“With fosters I have found that the sooner a regular routine is established the easier life becomes. With so much change, greyhounds like to know breakfast, dinner and walks are at the same time every day, so they can introduce subtle reminders such as standing directly in front of the TV staring at you or laying in front of the fridge.”

“Remember everything in a home is new to a greyhound.  Patience is key.”

May has recently celebrated her first Gotcha Day anniversary with Winnie.

“She has come so far from the awkward shy girl to the roach level expert, zoomie queen she is today,” May says.*

*For the unaware, roaching involves sleeping on your back with all four legs in the air, notably the tongue must be hanging out of the month.

*Zoomies involve running around in circles for a couple of minutes, immediately followed by napping.

Roaching for reference

“Win loves her early morning walks, sneaking into human beds, tucking soft toys under her chin and wearing pj’s when it’s cold,” May says.

With many finishing their racing careers between the ages for two to four years, they can look forward to another eight to ten years in a loving home.

The low maintenance nature of their breed makes them a beautiful addition to most homes.

They often don’t need more than a 20 to 45 minute walk a day, choosing the sleep the remainder.

“If I tried to make my seven year old male greyhound walk longer than 45 minutes I would have to carry him home,” May says.

“They are a speed, not endurance, breed and once retired, a zoomie around the backyard is about the maximum effort you will see.”

May’s advice for prospective fosterers/adopters is to hide your shoes.

“My greyhounds collect many things and store them safely in their bed including soft toys, clothing, even kitchen utensils. If you want a running partner, greyhounds are not for you.”

“But if you want a sweet-natured, lazy hound and have the patience to show it the world, they will reward you with a grateful look in their eye and weird headbutt cuddles for the rest of their days.”

And she leaves us with a very fair warning, “Adopting one greyhound will most likely lead to a second greyhound and a lifelong addiction.”

For more information on the fostering and adopting process of greyhounds, head to Greyhound Adoption Program SA’s website at https://gapsa.org.au/.

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