We Escaped, But Will You? The Adventure Rooms Are Waiting

Glam Adelaide was lucky enough to be invited to experience the Adventure Rooms – and what an adventure we had!


Glam Adelaide was lucky enough to be invited to experience the Adventure Rooms – and what an adventure we had!

A little anxious and hesitant on arrival, we exited the lift one floor up from Rundle Mall and entered the foyer of the first Australian franchise of the Adventure Rooms.

We were eager to find out exactly what this hush hush experience was all about. To be honest before we wrote the story about it last week, we hadn’t heard much about it before. We only knew of the experience from that Big Bang Theory episode plus a few stories from people who had visited a similar concept in Europe.

Well actually, that is where the ‘aha moment’ occurred. Cousins/mates, Austin and Fergus Tremaine were travelling around Europe when they came across a similar concept. They loved the experience so much (in fact they went back several times just to do it again) and just knew that Adelaide needed something like it!

So, from that, plus a few years in the making, we now have our very own Adventure Rooms to experience here in Adelaide!

We tried to do some snooping – could we find anything out before we entered the rooms, any hints or clues, asking what is it like, what are the rooms like… To no avail of course. We were told that it is quite impossible to give anyone an idea of what to expect, you just have to experience the rooms for yourself.

And boy were they right!

When you step into the room, the door shuts behind you and the time starts ticking…

Our group of four managed to escape from the room under the hour time limit. We were pretty stoked, to say the least!

Now when we say we can’t give away anything about what happens in the room, we mean it. It would actually ruin the experience that anyone going to try out the rooms would have! What happens in the room, stays in the room. It really is something that you have to go and try to understand. Vague we know, but just trust us!

The whole experience feels like it isn’t real life… It is quite a surreal experience, being trapped in a room, having to sort through clues, figure out the meaning of different things and work together to get out. You become a real life Houdini mixed with Sherlock Holmes. Now where’s our magnifying glass?

You might be thinking that this all sounds a little bit too mysterious… How can you do something without knowing exactly what you are getting yourself in to? Well let us dispel a few of the misconceptions/fears that you may be having.

First off, it isn’t a tiny, dark room. So claustrophobics needn’t worry! One of the Glam girls (namely, myself) was pretty anxious prior to going into the room because the fear that it would be small and dark, not to mention impossible to leave even if you wanted, left me with sweaty palms. The room isn’t tiny and it certainly isn’t dark! In fact it was perfectly lit and there is a fire escape should you feel the need to get the heck out of there!

You don’t need to rock up in your daggy ‘lounging around home’ clothes (unless you really want to of course) because, despite what you may think, there isn’t any rolling around on the ground or getting dusty or dirty. This is more of an adventure for your mind and using it to solve the clues and puzzles to escape.

Finally, this isn’t like one of those scary movies. There will be no people jumping out at you, or weird noises to scare you. Scaredy cats proceed with comfort of this knowledge!

*Added note: After posting this story and getting some feedback on Facebook, a few people are worried that this is going to be like a Saw movie. Relax people, there is no Jigsaw in this scenario! You don’t have to saw off any limbs to get out of the room. There are most certainly no tape recorders with any creepy taped messages to play. Go ‘rooming’, find out for yourself and enjoy! 

After escaping the room (with a cheeky 5 minutes to spare) there were a lot of high fives, some fist pumping and a few cheers. Having gone into the room with a few people that we didn’t know, we left the room feeling like we had known them for a lifetime. Besties for life. Strange after spending only an hour with them in a room trying to escape, but this experience really does call for teamwork. We can see how the Adventure Rooms will be the perfect exercise for a ‘team building’ outing.

Aside from that, it is so awesome that everyone should give it a go! After escaping the Black Queen room, we are already looking to get back there and escape from the Mad scientist.

For more information about the Adventure Rooms, see our story on what will most definitely be Adelaide’s new favourite go to activity here:

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