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We Got A Taste Of The RCC And We Want More…

From the banh mi to the zeppole, give us one of everything!

Royal Croquet Club, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Ok, let’s not because we could be here for hours. But as if there weren’t enough reasons already, last night they invited us along to A Taste of The Royal Croquet Club, to sample grub from all their brilliant food vendors. Somehow they figured out the way to our hearts is through our stomach. Those clever clogs!

We nestled ourselves in to the gorgeous rustic setting of the Pit House, where the Argentinian Asadores fire was lapping around delicious meats and that brilliant barbeque smell was wafting through the air (please note: this may not be the best spot to sit if you’re a vegan)…

So here’s what we were privvy to, and our hot picks from the whole RCC edibles range:

  • Chicken Tikka Naan Bread Pizza from Naya. Doughy and divine. Italy and India blend remarkably well together.
  • Fire Pit Pumpkin from Street ADL. An old fave of ours, smokey roasted nuts and goats cheese as topping. Great for the vegos.
  • Caribbean Chicken from Jamaican Me Crazy. Perfectly barbecued chicken on zesty bright rice. Make sure you coat it in the lime juice!
  • Seafood Glass Noodle Salad from Gin Long Canteen. Fresh and light. Perfect option for when you aren’t after something as indulgent as a burger.
  • Roast Pork Banh Mi from Banh Mi. Who doesn’t love a Vietnamese roll? There are of course all the flavours under the sun available, but we’re loving on the pork.
  • Chargrilled Sweetcorn and Quinoa salad from Plantation Juice Co. Those little market stall legends packed this one with flavour. Juice isn’t the only thing they’re pro at.
  • Fish and Chips from Doc’s Diner. Look they have everything in the form of Americana dishes here, and it’s all amazing. But English style fish and chips matches so perfectly with English style croquet.
  • Chorizo Paella from Comdia Catering Co. Traditional style and so perfect, no crunchy rice here! And you get a generous amount of mussels on top too. Ole!
  • Salmon on its Back from Pit House. Not the typical slow roast meat we were expecting but an amazing treat nonetheless. The smoked tomato salad was a great accompaniment.
  • Vegan Blueberry Icecream from Scroll. We sampled so many but we actually loved this one. So much flavour and still so creamy. Plus everyone can enjoy it!
  • Zeppoli from Manga Manga. Hot doughy doughnutty heaven. Topped with ice cream, choccy sauce and toasted almonds. Wow wow wow.

So that’s the wrap up friends and family. We stuffed our faces, just for you.

They then treated us to a show of The Half Naked Chef, not for the faint of heart, nostrils or stomach but we don’t want to give too much away!

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