We Have Captured The Cutest 'Stralia Video Ever!

We Have Captured The Cutest ‘Stralia Video Ever!

This is cuteness overload…


Ok, so we know you have probably all seen the video of the boxing kangaroos in the suburbs. But drop everything because today, one of our Glam writers captured the cutest ‘Stralia video ever!!

Check out this gorgeous video of a mother koala and her baby walking the streets of Cumberland Park (Adelaide).

Sometimes our fuzzy little friends get lost. And with the hot weather coming up there may be more incidents like this… Here are a few little koala tips:

  • On really hot days you could leave a bowl of water out for any koalas wandering around who may be looking for a drink (koalas actually get most of their liquid from the gum leaves they consume but when it hits the high temps in Adelaide, they need water too).
  • If you live in an area where koalas are prevalent and you have a swimming pool, you may think to tie a rope to the side of your pool. Lots of koalas actually drown in backyard swimming pools.
  • Watch out for koalas when you are walking your dog or driving your car. They are one of the biggest killers of the cuties each year.

If you see an injured or sick koala it is probably best to stay away and let the experts deal with them. They are super cute but don’t forget, they are also a wild animal! The guys at Adelaide Koala And Wildlife Hospital do amazing things to help our beautiful wildlife.

But seriously, is that not the cutest video ever!

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