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We Put Four Hair Products To The Test In Time For Summer

Will these products help tame my thick, frizzy hair in time for the holiday season? We will see.

As a woman (or a person in general), my hair is incredibly important to me, though so is convenience. Whether that’s finding the easiest, yet most useful product to use; figuring out how to protect it on the rare occasion I use heat stylers; or figuring out how long I can actually wait before I trim off my ratty ends, convenience is one of the highest priorities in my and my hair’s relationship.

When I had the chance to try Oribe’s Signature Shampoo and Signature Conditioner, their Dry Texturing Spray, and R+Co’s BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste, I was excited but also worried about how long this would add to my normal hair routine.

Spoiler: It added almost no extra time.

Oribe Signature Shampoo

I’m quite fussy with shampoo, and while I’ve heard that it’s best for shampoo not to lather too much, if it doesn’t lather I don’t feel quite clean. Generally, high quality shampoos don’t lather enough for me, and feel like I have to wash my hair two or three times to really get the grime out. This shampoo, while high quality, also lathers really well.

Adding to my long list of hair sins I’ve revealed to you is the fact that I only wash my hair once a week, and that day is generally a Sunday. If a shampoo doesn’t keep my hair at least moderately oil-free for that week, it’s failed miserably. I’m pleased to say Oribe’s Signature Shampoo really lasts, and my hair still feels pretty fresh by the end of the week!

Oribe Signature Conditioner

Okay, so my main gripe with conditioner is that on my thick, course, long hair, I have to use far more than the commonly recommended 20c piece-sized blob – for me, it’s more like a whole wallet of 20c coins. Usually, I’ll go through my bottle of conditioner in almost half the time it takes me to go through my shampoo, so I’m always hesitant to buy more professional conditioner as I generally use an eighth of the bottle every time I wash my hair.

In saying that, with Oribe’s Signature Conditioner, a little goes a long way. I generally only had to use approximately two 20c sized blobs to feel a real difference to my hair. Additionally, I actually found that my hair became less knotty by the end of the week than when I used a different conditioner (which is saying something because thanks to the length and frizziness of my hair it knots quicker than a horse on Melbourne Cup day).

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray

I have known the beauty of dry texturising spray for a long time. The genetically-blessed baby of hairspray and dry shampoo, dry texturising spray takes the best parts of both products and is basically going to be your new best friend (especially if your hair is around shoulder length or shorter).

When I was growing out my hair from a short crop, this spray was a blessing on terrible hair days. I hadn’t really used any once my hair grew past my armpits, but I thought this would be a great chance to start it up again armed with a spray that wasn’t from a drugstore.

My hair lacks oomph when it’s freshly cleaned, and Oribe’s Dry Texturising Spray gave it the little kick it needed to go from average to killin’ the hair game (it also smells really good). It basically gives you beach hair when it’s too hot to go to the ocean.

R+Co’s Dry Shampoo Paste

Listen up, ladies and gents, this stuff is REVOLUTIONARY. As a brunette, I hate dry shampoo with a passion. It takes too long to dry and leaves white patches on my head (mostly due to my impatience), which is not ideal. Due to the thickness of my hair, I also struggle to get the product to reach my roots (which is where it actually needs to do its job). But with this Dry Shampoo Paste (basically the Leonardo Da Vinci of the hair care world), you have so much more control for it to soak up the oil like never before.

Since I decided that a fringe was a great choice for summer (it’s not), I remembered how quickly the summer heat (and forehead sweat) makes your fringe oily. During this time, knowing I have a product that’s not only easily portable, but also works almost instantly, is a great stress reliever.

Overall, these products have been a fantastic addition to my hair routine, and added barely any extra time at all. The texturising spray and dry shampoo paste only add a minute each, and the conditioner has meant that brushing time is practically halved.

Will I be using this product again? Potentially yes, while I’ve gone through the bottles way too quickly in the beginning (it took a while for me to find the perfect blob size for my hair), the payoff is worth it. Next time, I’ll probably try something with extra moisturising and frizz-control benefits built in though!

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