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We Won’t Say No To Sliders And Cocktails

And neither will you when you see the deliciousness that the Taxpayer is serving up…

Sliders and cocktails. Well now that just sounds too good to be true… We certainly weren’t going to turn down the opportunity to try the Taxpayer’s new Sliders and Cocktails Menu. Can you blame us?

The Taxpayer

We were greeted in the way that we believe should be a done thing. With many drinks and local South Australian canapés. Just what we needed to get our tastebuds whirring and our stomachs hankering for some slider action.

With a new slider making its debut every 30 minutes throughout the night, it gave us just enough time to devour each one and savour the accompanying cocktail before the next one arrived. Truth be told it felt like some sort of burger/cocktail heaven.

Slider number one was grilled chicken with KI feta, pickled carrot and lemon zest mayo. This was served with the Lady Lauren- a delicious concoction of Bombay Sapphire, elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice, rose syrup and Prosecco. She was a tasty drop.

The Taxpayer

The second slider of the night was filled with braised pulled lamb which had been slow cooked in pomegranate juice (yum), baby spinach, sweet potato crisp, chilli jam and a blood orange labneh. So much goodness in such a little burger! This was served with another gin cocktail, the Affair in Rome, but the rosemary syrup blended through was the real winner in this glass.

By this point, we were pretty satisfied. Until we got a glimpse of our third slider. It was a beauty. Slow roasted beef fillet, blanched radicchio and BBQ plum sauce. Ooh this was a hearty and full flavoured one to finish the savoury options.

The Taxpayer

And just when we thought we were done for the night and the top button of the jeans was coming undone, a waffle slider was served! Yes, you read correctly. A slider made of waffles. As if a slider could get any better, then came the waffles. Delicately sandwiched with rum soaked peach slices, vanilla ice cream and covered with a white chocolate chilli ganache, the genius that came up with this one deserves some kind of a medal.

The cocktail to finish off our night was a chilli cocktail, the Captain’s Hot Daughter, and hot she was. This had quite a kick to it. We personally loved the chilli flowers cut on each one.

The Taxpayer

When sliders (and waffles) and cocktails combine you get one delicious evening. We will definitely not by shy in paying the Taxpayer another visit. Is tonight too soon?


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